Tuesday, July 10, 2018

July 10, 2018 -- A Quick Run Around The Web

"China’s INVASION Plan for TAIWAN"--China Uncensored (21 min.)
The host, Chris Chapel, sits down with another China expert to discuss Taiwan and the PRC, and the PRC's goal to be able to invade Taiwan by 2020. They also discuss the problems facing the PRC in mounting such an invasion, the most significant being wicked tides in the straight between Taiwan and the PRC, and the other being the United States Navy. Taiwan can probably hold out long enough against a Chinese invasion force to allow the US time to intervene. Thus, the PRC's goal is to keep the US from being able to effectively operate in region. Hence, the island building program currently in place. But the PRC is not just preparing for a war of might between military forces, but is also engaging in a propaganda war to make other nations (including Taiwan and the US) believe that it is inevitable that China will become the dominant power and take Taiwan, and thus it is better to strike a deal with the PRC (or, at least, not resist) now rather than later.

  • The next Woodpile Report won't be until July 17. Remus says he has hit a rough spot, so send your best wishes and prayers his way.
  • "357 Magnum vs 9mm For Concealed Carry."--Alien Gear Holsters.  The author notes that .357 out of small guns results in lots of recoil and blast, and the round doesn't really begin to reach its potential until you reach a barrel length of at least 4-inches. The .357 does, however, offer some distinct advantages to the outdoorsman. So, at least in this author's opinion, the 9 mm is generally the better choice for every day concealed carry.
  • "Snubnose Revolvers: Tried-and-True for Concealed-Carry Use"--Shooting Illustrated. After discussing the disadvantages to the small J-frame sized revolvers, the author asks:
      So why do they remain popular with some very clued-in individuals?
           One reason is that they are still excellent pocket-carry guns for a number of reasons. A Smith & Wesson Airweight, with a steel cylinder and alloy frame, tips the scales at about 1 pound even. Some newer designs that make use of titanium or composite materials are even lighter than that. While there are smaller and lighter pocket semi-automatics, they aren’t really any easier to shoot well than the revolver. The .380 ACPs don’t offer any advantage in power and not much of one in capacity, and the 9 mm ones aren’t really that much more pleasant to shoot.
             Further, the silhouette of a snubnose revolver is less likely to print an obvious “gun shape” through the fabric of a pocket. Also, the revolver is only wide across the cylinder, while the rest of the gun is slimmer than almost any self-loader.
              This is why during the winter months, when I’m out-of-doors in the Indiana cold, there’s a Smith & Wesson 432PD in .32 H&R Mag. in the outside breast pocket of my heavy coat. That way I can keep zipped up against the cold and still have access to a firearm, even when buckled up in my car.
        And prices are going up on many of the popular revolvers. Even just a few months ago, the MSRP of a standard J-frame in .38 Special was in the sub-$500 range. Yesterday, I received a Cabela's flier in the mail and its sale prices for the same were $650.
        • "Issues Not Worth Arguing About"--The Firearm Rack. The author observes that, back in the day, before the internet provided easier access to different opinions and greater information on various firearms and calibers, the top gun magazine writers were the source for most of the "learned opinion" in the gun world. But these writers differed in opinions, and it created various "camps" holding to some opinion or another. However, most of the issues aren't really worth arguing about--at least, not in the vicious, hate each other manner that some arguments engender. Particular ones raised are the standard caliber war discussions we hear, best choke on a shotgun for a particular task, etc.
        • "CHOOSE A 9MM PDW OVER A 5.56 RIFLE?"--Gabe Suarez. There are factors that favor the 9 mm PDW over a rifle--including weight/size, noise/flash, and ammo or magazine compatibility with your handgun--when used inside a home. The author believes that with the advent of Level III and IV rifle body armor, the issue of armor is moot--in either case you will need to shoot where the armor isn't.
        • Don't forget to be ready for the day-to-day emergencies: "Real World Travel Emergencies"--Total Survivalist Blog. Problem solved not by use of a BOB or a firearm, but a smart phone and credit card.
        • Interesting: "ZipStitch Needle Free Sutures"--Breach Bang Clear. Per the article, "You place ZipStitch over a wound, tighten the zip ties to close the wound, and cut off the ends." It sounds more like a product to use for post surgery rather than fixing a ragged wound.
        • "Mohave County AZ Sheriff’s Office Selects OSS Suppressors"--Ammo Land. The agency is purchasing 90 of the suppressors. Why would police need what the left regard as a tool for assassins? 
          “Hearing health has been an increasingly important issue for our Deputies and the citizens of Mohave County,” said Sheriff Doug Schuster. “The potential for collateral hearing loss and liability from police actions or operations is real and costly." 
                 Denmark has officially designated some urban areas as ghettos – areas that have dense populations of immigrants with high rates of unemployment and increasing levels of violence and gang activity.  In one of the country's worst ghettos, for example, unemployment is almost 45%, 82% are from non-Western backgrounds, 53% have very little education, and 51% are low-income.
                    Specifically targeted at 25 of these low-income ghettos, the new laws are designed to discourage the congregation of immigrants in these areas, and to force assimilation where there is an unwillingness in the population to integrate into Danish society.
            • "EUROPE: THINGS FALL APART"--Powerline Blog. The important part: "A bottleneck of 700,000 migrants is waiting in Libya to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, the National Crime Agency has said."
            • "Welfare and immigration: a contradiction in terms"--Bayou Renaissance Man. Quoting Karl Denninger: "It is mathematically certain that combining those two things will collapse the economy, asset markets and the government, leading to outright Civil War."
            • "Trump immigration: The effects of a raid on one tiny town"--BBC. The article wants us to be sympathetic toward illegal aliens that have lived and worked in the U.S. for decades or years because, with ICE stepping up raids on those that employ illegal aliens and arresting dozens at a time, the illegals are now afraid they might be arrested. But what sticks out to me is the refusal to assimilate. The illegals interviewed in the article talk about having to return to "their country," i.e., Mexico or Honduras. A photograph of one of their residences shows a Mexican flag flying outside the door. And this comment from one of the those interviewed:
            "What they're doing is to punish [us]. [We] haven't killed anyone, aren't criminals... Only because [we] aren't from here?" she asked. And cried. "I don't know what they're going to do with us. We have no work, nowhere to go, no documents. We're scared."
            Well, actually, you are criminals. You illegally entered the United States and, in most cases, work using stolen identities, making false statements about your immigration status and right to work here. Millions of you use these stolen identities to file false tax returns.
              As of Monday morning, the U.S. Embassy in Haiti was still urging Americans to "shelter in place" after a weekend of violent protests directly responsible for the deaths of at least three people. Airplanes were delayed, Internet and phone lines were cut, cities descended into chaos, and church missionary groups turned back from threatening roadblocks.
                Reminder: "The Haitian Revolution has often been described as the largest and most successful slave rebellion in the Western Hemisphere."
                         The unidentified victim told police that he had asked the group for a light for a cigarette in the park in Berlin's central Mitte district on Saturday night.
                            The 25-year-old said that when one member of the group discovered he was wearing a Star of David emblem, they started to shout "anti-Semitic insults," grabbed the cigarette from his mouth and punched him.
                             He ran away but was chased and beaten to the ground.

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