Friday, May 25, 2018

Don't Buy The Sig P365 Yet

     The Military Arms Channel released a video earlier today reviewing the new Sig P365 (see below) wherein the reviewer had a major failure of the pistol after putting about 900 rounds through it. Specifically, the trigger bar spring broke, rendering the pistol inoperative. He discovered that this is not an uncommon problem with the firearm.

"The almost amazing Sig P365"--Military Arms Channel (37 min.)

       However, that is not the only problems with the pistol. In addition, he noted that his pistol left a significant amount of drag mark on the primer when ejecting a shell, caused by the firing pin not fully retracting as the casing was ejected. Apparently a lot of people have been reporting broken firing pins, and he believes this might be the cause of it. But, I would also point out, the video also mentions some people receiving new firearms with broken firing pins. Another problem is that some people have had unusual wear or damage to the barrel (he didn't have this issue with his pistol).

       Otherwise, he really liked the P365.

       The P365 is the newest darling of gun writers, and I've seen and read several reviews, none of which have mentioned these problems before. I'll be just a bit snarky here: I wonder if we will see the same vehement hatred toward Sig over this as we saw directed at Remington because of the problems with the R51? After all, this comes on the heals of the problem with the P320 discharging when dropped or struck on the rear of the slide.* I'm not holding my breath though.

*Note: Military testing has revealed additional problems with the P320, including inability to reliably feed FMJ ammunition, trigger groups splitting, and ejecting live rounds when ejecting a spent casing. (See this video for more information).

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