Thursday, October 12, 2023

Some Videos On Israel That Caught My Attention...

 Updates from last night on the military operations.

Raptor News (8 min.)

This next one isn't all that important--some helmet cam video from some action or another--but I thought it interesting because the Israeli troops were using M4s and Magpul magazines.

The Sun (3 min.)

Finally, Task & Purpose has put together a deep dive on what is happening on the ground as well as analysis on how the respective combatants got there. I had to laugh about his advice on distinguishing between accurate reporting and disinformation including the point that you could trust a bunch of news services parroting the party line over a lone independent voice (my paraphrase of his comments). The last half of the video is probably the more useful portion:

Task & Purpose


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    1. He published a new version of the video, but I haven't had time to watch it to see what was changed.


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