Monday, December 4, 2017

Video: "Red Dot Sight Fuzzy? Here's What to Do"

--by TWANGnBANG (10-1/2 min.)

          TWANGnBANG discusses astigmatisms and red-dot sights, including how to determine whether it is your red dot or your eyes; as well as offering up some suggestions (such as getting glasses or contacts to correct for the condition, or using a rear peep sight in conjunction with the red-dot). The problem with an astigmatism is that rather than having a crisp, clear dot, it may appear blurry or smeared, even if you otherwise have good vision. Another video on this same topic is offered up by the MyCold DeadHands channel, entitled "ASTIGMATISM, RED DOTS, THERE IS A CURE" (5-1/2 min.).

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