Thursday, December 21, 2017

December 21, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

"2018: PAX AMERICANA & Europe STARING into the ABYSS"--Black Pigeon Speaks (12-1/2 min.). Black Pigeon makes some predictions for 2018, including closer ties between the nations in the Anglosphere and the U.S. pulling back from its role as "world policeman", with the resultant increase in disorder internationally.

  • "Survival Fishing: Top Tips for Finding Fish during a Long-term Survival Situation"--Off Grid Survival. These look like good tips for anyone that enjoys fishing. My criticism is that the article focuses on fishing using line and bate rather than trapping. However, the author links to an article on how to make a fish trap.
  • "Last of the Mohicans: The Reality of Modern Parts Procurement For the Self-Reliant Ham"--Sparks31. With the closing of Radio Shack stores, sources for electronic parts have dried up (although I would note that this area has had a couple "maker" stores open up, one of which has a substantial supply of electronic components). Sparks31 addresses this in this article. First off, he lists some books for the person who is interested in being able to build or repair radio circuits. Then he moves into alternate sources of supply: cast offs (curb or garbage), and estate sales and yard sales. The older the equipment, the better, and he recommends especially looking for pre-2000 items. And don't skip the old TVs. He writes:
 They not only have a wealth of parts in them, but also the beginnings of an 80 Meter rig. Usually when an old TV breaks it’s either an issue in the power supply or high-voltage CRT circuits, and 90% of the components, especially the RF stuff, is still OK. See page 66 of The Radio Amateur’s V.H.F. Manual (ARRL, 1965, 1st ed.) on what do do with the item shown to the left. “Don’t change the channel 2 part.
  • Although it is too late for Christmas gift shopping, I would remind readers that Rifle-Craft still has its Type 2 rifleman's shooting sling still in stock.
  • "Prudent Prepping: Sanitizing and Moisturizing"--Blue Collar Prepping. Hygiene is important in day-to-day living; it is critical in an emergency. Wash your hands, and use moisturizers on your lips, hands, elbows, etc., to prevent cracking or splitting skin.
  • "Three Layers Of 72 Hour Preparedness"--Survival Mom.  She discusses having individual, family, and vehicle 72 hour kits. She includes lists of recommended items for each level. The individual kit contains most of the personal items: clothing, sleeping bag, etc. "The Family Kit will contain the majority of your food.  You know what your family will eat and any food allergies, so plan accordingly.  If you pack food that must be warmed up, make sure you include a way to do that." Based on her article, she doesn't have a "kit" per se for the vehicle, but rather an evacuation plan, including knowing the location and order of stowing the different items going into the vehicle.
  • "Lighter Showdown: The Best Survival Lighter"--Survival Spot. This article is not as detailed as I would like--for instance, it doesn't discussing specific models or brands. Rather, it generically looks at the difference between disposable lighters, Zippo type lighters, and the storm proof lighters. There is no discussion of the various electronic (plasma) style lighters. And the author doesn't discuss the biggest downside I have found for the Zippo lighters, which is that because they don't seal, the fuel will evaporate fairly quickly, even if you are not using the lighter. I think the disposable lighters are the best option for most preppers because they are so cheap, you can get them in quantity, and they will store reasonably well for years. Just make sure that you stock up. I'm not saying you need to buy them by the gross, but a couple, few dozen stashed in various kits and locations would be reasonable.
  • "Hesperian Health Guides"--Prepared Christian. As most of you know, the Hesperian Foundation publishes health guides intended to be used by health care workers or volunteers working in austere environments (i.e., your typical third world village). This 2014 article briefly describes the guides available as well as links to where you can purchase the guides either in hard copy or as in an electronic format.

"Survival Weapon Throwing Stick"--Survival Lilly (~ 6 min.). 
Lilly shows how to make a basic throwing stick, and tries it out. She also learns that throwing sticks and dogs that like to play with sticks don't go together.

    In a surprise move Wednesday evening, Memphis’s city council voted to sell the two parks to a new private nonprofit corporation that will run them, on condition that they keep the parks public. Mayor Jim Strickland signed a contract with the nonprofit, Memphis Greenspace, on Friday, and the council ratified it. Soon afterward, Greenspace, which was incorporated in October, began removing the statues, with celebratory crowds gathering to watch, singing, “Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye.” The statues have been removed to a place nobody can find, according to the city’s chief legal officer.
      I'm guessing that Tennessee, like most states, probably has fairly strict laws on the disposal of real property, including a process of appraisal, advertising and bidding. It seems extremely suspect that the City could have properly followed such procedures in the time frame described in the article. It is especially suspect because the property was sold for only $1,000 for each lot.
        A joint investigation by the New York Times and ProPublica revealed that the telecoms giant recently posted a recruitment ad for jobs in financial planning and analysis - but restricted the post to Facebook feeds for users aged between 25 to 36, who lived in Washington DC and demonstrated an interest in finance.
          Their excuse was that everyone does it and, besides, it promotes diversity:
                   'We completely reject the allegation that these advertisements are discriminatory,' said Rob Goldman, a Facebook vice president.
                      'Used responsibly, age-based targeting for employment purposes is an accepted industry practice and for good reason: it helps employers recruit and [sic] people of all ages find work.'
                Sorry, bucko, but age discrimination laws were enacted to protect older people from job discrimination, not create age "diversity" in the workforce. If your legal department didn't know that, perhaps you need to hire more experienced attorneys.
                  NBC News reports this morning that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has personally ordered prosecutors to review FBI files relating to the sale of Uranium One to Rosatom, a controversial sale which raised allegations of corruption involving Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the State Department. The aim, NBC reports, is to determine whether the evidence warrants a second special counsel investigation.


                  1. RE: "Facebook allowed employers... to exclude older Americans from seeing their job ads"

                    I have attended continuing legal education events where corporate council attorneys for large well known corporations were speaking. Many of these attorneys were affirmative action hires and proud SJWs who have no use for older white people.

                    1. As Vox Day points out, once an organization lets in SJWs, they tend to select more SJWs for new hires and create an infestation that rots out the organization.


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