Saturday, December 23, 2017

Video: 2017 Climate Update

"2017 Climate Update"--Suspicious Observers (8 min.)

       In this video, Suspicious Observer takes a look at some of the climate news from this past year, reminds us that current temperatures are consistent with those seen during the Medieval and Roman warming periods, and briefly discusses some of the fundamental dishonesty engaged in by some climate researchers before discussing why we are looking at falling temperatures in coming years. My favorite line: "If some had their way, they would have you believe that the Earth was created in 1880." He also notes that it took the full might of one of the largest El Nino events to force us out of the "pause" we've seen for about 15 years, and all signs point to lower temperatures in the coming decades. (In fact, an El Nina should result in 2018 being cooler than 2017). Good information. Keep in mind that if global temperatures decline, we will see disruption in food production with all that that entails, including civil unrest in those countries most affected; and famine almost inevitably results in spread of disease.

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