Monday, September 21, 2015

The Long War Journal: "AQAP’s Inspire magazine contains ‘military analysis’ of Charlie Hebdo massacre"

The Long War Journal, an online magazine focused on the war against terrorism, has some analysis and discussion of the most recent edition of Inspire (i.e., the 14th edition). In particular, in this latest issue, AQAP (Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula) provides a break down or analysis of its selection and preparations for the Charlie Hebdo attack. Moreover, the attack seems to have been part of a loose collection of attacks specifically aimed at those insulting Mohammed. For those interested, the 14th edition of Inspire can be downloaded here (PDF). Links to other editions can be found here.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, though, the most alarming part of this most recent issue was the focus on recruiting (or gaining the sympathy of) American blacks. The article begins by outlining the details of a couple of the events that inspired the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. Then it moves on to a rather "creative" version of the settling of the Americas--one that would have made Stalin proud. Just for a flavor:
The great discovery. A vast land rich in economic resources. A fertile and beautiful land, filled with all that is required in life. Full of different types of vegetation and animals. Rivers spread all over the country, beautifying the land, thus making different types of people to race towards it: to live a comfort, beautiful and stable life.

Because of this, people from different countries migrated. ... For a long period, the white European rule had been stable in America. Immigration from the African community who were searching for livelihood, continued to increase. The white community enslaved the Africans and took them as laborers. ... In the year 1861, civil war broke out between the Southern Confederate States and the Northern Federal Union States, led by Abraham Lincoln. The initial cause of war was the decision taken by Lincoln to emancipate slavery. ...
The rest of the "history" is just as fantastically false.

After recounting all the "wrongs" visited on blacks in America (but without discussing what Islam did with its African slaves), the article makes some specific suggestions for African-Americans:

  1. It tells its readers that they are united in Jihad (characterizing it as a defensive war);
  2. It suggests that its readers form political groups to "pressurize [sic] your government to lift the general oppression against you and to stop aggression towards Muslims. And condemn the support your government gives to Israel," in return for which they won't target blacks;
  3. As a follow up to the second point, it encourages blacks to move out of the large cities;
  4. It encourages both civil disobedience and the formation of groups to carry out assassinations; and,
  5. It encourages blacks to learn military tactics, including those referenced in earlier additions of the magazine.
Later, the magazine discusses fundamentals of planning and carrying out an assassination mission, and how to build a hand-grenade.

AQAP understands that political correctness is the soft-underbelly of the West, and they are fully prepared to exploit it.

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