Sunday, September 13, 2015

"You civilians need to learn to mind your place"--The Sheep Dogs' True Nature

There is a flame war going on at Western Rifle Shooter's Association (WRSA) and Mason Dixon Tactical (MDT), that you can follow, if you want, via the following articles and their comments: "What's In a Name," (MDT); ("Perceptions, Emotions, Judgmentalism, and Reading Comprehension"(MDT); "In Defensio Exercitus Professionales or We Are Better Than You, Mind Your Place" (WRSA) (also here at MDT) by SFC Steven M. Barry; and "The Current Militia Movement?" (WRSA) by William David “Bill” Roberts II.

I'm not that interested in the reasons or topics that set off the debate--it appears to be related to some falling out or split among those involved in the militia movement and/or III Percent movement over the qualifications of certain people offering classes. Rather, my interest is in the fact that the professional soldier let his mask drop a bit. Sgt. Barry wrote in his piece:
Professional soldiers are better than you. Professional soldiers are a class. Professional soldiers know these things instinctively even if they won’t say it publicly. You civilians need to learn to mind your place.
Thus demonstrating in just a handful of sentences why the founding fathers of this country did not want a standing army. If Sergeant Barry's attitude is typical among the professional military, then God help us because, with that outlook, they are only one step from acting as a Praetorian Guard.

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See also this article from The Daily Caller: "Almost A Third Of Americans Could Imagine Supporting A Military Coup In The US."

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