Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Quick Run Around the Web -- September 23, 2015

Cole Thomas : The Course of Empire - Destruction (1836)

  • "Bugging In: Setting It Up"--Blue Collar Prepping.
  • "Brand Analysis: Benchmade"--Everyday Commentary. A review of Benchmade's history, products, and prospects going forward.
  • "Name Brand and Generic Firearms cleaning, lubricating, and protecting products"--American Mercenary. A list of high-end gun cleaning products and lubricants, together with some less expensive alternatives.
  • "People Repellant"--Come and Make It. It's called "Bee Go". A couple sources (here and here).
  • "The Coming Storm"--Chicago Boyz. "And the anger is out there, certainly. It is a cold, watchful and mostly private anger, however – not the hot anger which erupts in riots and arson and looting, and which attracts the brief attention of the Island of Major Media Awareness. These ripples that I have listed – and I am certain there are others — are subtle signs of that cold anger, an anger too quiet for our major media organs to notice, save perhaps on those occasions when their comment threads explode."
  • "Stop Complaining – Life Isn’t Fair"--Mason Dixon Tactical. Or, to paraphrase a certain short, green, character from a famous movie: "Do, or do not. There is no use in peacefully protesting." 
A lot of noise is made about the violent nature of Muslims and urban black culture. Whites think that pointing out that blacks are dysfunctional and commit a disproportionate amount of rape and violent crime is a victory of some sort. It’s not. It’s an admission of weakness. You’re admitting that blacks and Muslims ruin your countries and that you do nothing about it. That is weakness.

Stop signing useless petitions. .... Stop talking like a victim. Life isn’t fair. Stop crying and do something about it.

* * *
Peaceful street protest simply isn’t an acceptable or suitable option any longer. It’s not proportional to the threat we face today. An uncountable number of European girls and women have been raped by Muslim aliens and the European man’s response is to mill about the town square and grumble about it.

Those 25,000 Pegida protestors could have caused a national emergency. They could have occupied the town and shut down local government. They could have dragged the corrupt politicians out into the streets and hanged them from lampposts. They could have ignored the protest entirely, organised into small teams and made hundreds of criminal traitors disappear overnight. That would have been a proportional response.

Peaceful protest signals that you’re not seriously interested in doing anything. Peaceful protest says you’re weak and afraid. Blacks and Muslims riot violently and spontaneously. Europeans apply in writing for permission to hold boring, peaceful protests that don’t scare anybody. Nobody in power cares about peaceful protests. Violence gets things done.

Chinese officials have summoned top American tech executives to Seattle for a forum on Wednesday ....

Beijing moved up the date of the annual event to coincide with President Xi Jinping’s U.S. visit and reportedly pressured major Silicon Valley players to send their chief executives to what is normally an annual summit for midlevel management, threatening regulatory scrutiny if they didn’t comply.

* * *
Business groups and Silicon Valley say they have no choice but to show up. Despite China’s rampant commercial espionage and onerous regulations for foreign firms, the Asian superpower’s market is too powerful to pass up.

“It’s not about policy,” said Bay Area-based venture capitalist Ray Rothrock. “It’s about business.”

 It's not about business, per se, but fear. These same executives have no problem giving Middle America the finger because they do not fear Middle America.

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