Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Food Storage Make Over and A Lot More

I just want to point out that the Food Storage Made Easy web-site/blog just finished a 17-week series called "Food Storage Make Over". Notwithstanding the title of the series, the articles are about more than just food storage. For instance, this past week's article was focused on self-defense, and the prior week's concerned shelter and heating/cooling. Other articles have dealt with first-aid, cooking without power, and non-food items to store.

What makes the articles especially useful is that each article addresses what to do if starting from scratch, what to do to update or review your preps if you already have something in that area, recommends some products to consider, and links to helpful resources. Several of the articles include specific "homework"--i.e., some tasks to accomplish that week.

In short, it is a great resource for the beginner and those looking for additional ideas.

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