Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Quick and Dirty Introduction to Prepping

The men's blog "Just Four Guys" at one time published a short series that set out the fundamentals of prepping for a newbie:

  • "Survival series: Introduction." Just some thoughts on why prepping by the series' first author.
  • "Survival series:You need a plan." After referring you to http://www.ready.gov/ for specific information on what to do in an emergency and a family plan checklist, the author discusses the importance of having an emergency plan.
  • "Survival series: Don’t count on using your cell phone." This article, as the title suggests, discusses the weaknesses to normal communication networks, and briefly discusses alternate methods of communications, as well as providing some links to additional resources.
  • "SFC Ton’s Survival Series: On Pistols." With this article, the series makes two shifts--a new author steps in with a former sniper/special ops background, and the emphasis shifts to the most manly part of prepping: the weapons. I've expressed in past that your primary emphasis should be on your handgun, and this author agrees, writing: "Your 1st investment should be a hand gun. Hand guns are poor man stoppers but excellent tools as they are easy to carry, easy to conceal, and leaves your hands free to do other stuff (which is why cops use them).  I am not a fan of having a pistol for all occasions. Really you need one gun that you can take anywhere, which is where the pocket pistol comes into play." From there, he goes on to express his opinion on different setups. I'm sure that some may not agree with his conclusions, but bear in mind that it is intended for basic prepping for someone with little or no experience with firearms.
  • "SFC Ton’s Survival Series: The Long Guns." Moving on to long guns (shotguns and rifles), the author gives his thoughts on economical and effective ways to gun up to long arms.
  • "SFC Ton’s Survival Series: The Basics, 101." Here, SFC Ton offers up a potpourri of advice ranging from using .22, eating domestic animals, exercise and fitness, the best gloves, and dogs--what are they good for?
  • "SFC Ton’s Survival Series: Concluding Thoughts." This last article focuses on bugging out, such as issues of storing fuel, tools and supplies to keep to fix your BOV, and some other equipment to have on hand.
Check it out.

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