Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Without Rule of Law"

It begins with covering gear, but its approach is a bit different. It talks about how to think about your gear, what to carry, why and how to train with it. It talks about your primary weapon (Joe Nobody is an AR platform fan). Then, at least for me, it starts getting into the more interesting stuff, things I hadn’t thought of before. How to hide. How to evade. How to infiltrate. How to scavenge.

Now on to the bold WARNING. This book may tick some people off. It’s not “offensive” in the way of foul language or graphic images. What it does is tell you how to do things that some might find immoral. The generally accepted prepper belief is that you prep to be self-reliant, secure. Taken a step further, it’s about adding additional preps, to help your family, friends, neighbors and strangers. It’s not about planning to kill, loot or steal.

Now we’ve had the looting debate before. If you’re of the mindset that looting is ethical under absolute necessity, for example: taking food to live versus a television to watch, than you won’t find Without Rule of Law offensive. If you’re of the mindset that stealing under any and all circumstances, and teaching someone how to steal, is immoral, than you might find Without Rule of Law offensive. Joe Nobody writes the book on the premise that if, for whatever reason, all of your preps have been expended or destroyed, there are skills you can deploy to increase your chances of living. This book describes those skills. It’s the kind of book that you don’t want in the hands of someone that is … evil.
Read the whole thing.

I'm not going to attempt to jump into the issue of scavenging versus looting or pillaging at this time. However, even if you have no intention of looting or pillaging, it would still be useful to read the book to better understand how to stop someone else from looting or pillaging your neighborhood, business, or home.

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