Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dry Packing for Food Storage

From the Chris Martenson site, an article on "Food Storage Packing: Facts and Myths." The author describes the purpose of his article as follows:
The purpose of this article is to present specific details and recommendations for packing your own shelf-stable foods for food storage. We will cover what works and what doesn’t in creating an oxygen-free atmosphere for long term food storage, and common misconceptions about how to do your own packing. While there are many different types of dried foods that can be stored for extended periods of time, most folks are interested in how best to store grain and bean products.

While I could write a book on every specific detail of every packing option and all of the technical specifications of all available packing containers, that is not the purpose of this article. I will cover important highlights, facts, insights, and information gained from over 37 years in the preparedness and outdoor recreation industry. It is important to keep in mind that I have not only been a retailer of preparedness and outdoor foods, I have also been a manufacturer, developer of hundreds of recipes, packaging and product innovator, and researcher of shelf-stable foods.

Some of the material presented here will contradict and challenge information available on the Web or in some do-it-yourself circles. Many people assume preparedness information to be accurate without careful consideration of the source's expertise or the validity of the facts. I encourage you to research on your own any of the information presented in this article – or in any article, for that matter – and to use basic critical thinking skills to evaluate the evidence and data you are offered. A little common sense goes a long way in assessing many of the claims being made about shelf life and do-it-yourself issues.
The article (which is fairly lengthy) then goes into specific instructions and advice. Check it out.

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