Thursday, July 9, 2020

Video: 38 Days of Rain in China and Other Disasters

"Evacuations In China As Hubei Dam Begins to Slide; Cities Issue Red Alert on Floods"-- Crossroads (24 minutes). This video is from yesterday, so China should be on 39 days of nonstop rain. The article also discusses other natural disasters and emergencies facing China and warns that China may be facing food shortages as a result.

Some headlines from Tiawan News:
     As torrential rain ravages southern China for the second straight month, the government has issued a number for a massive flood of the Yangtze River Basin, which threatens to further overload the Three Gorges Dam.
         A "No. 1 Flood" has been announced for the Three Gorges Dam headwaters. According to China's major river numbering regulations, when the inflow of the Three Gorges reservoir reaches 50,000 cubic meters per second and the water level in the middle reaches of Lianhuatang rises to the warning level, the flood will be assigned a number.
           With the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) on Thursday (July 2) issuing a heavy rain warning across China for the 31st straight day, netizens continue to speculate about the integrity of the Three Gorges Dam as it faces its greatest test since completion in 2003. Although Chinese officials have repeatedly labeled fears the dam could suffer a catastrophic collapse as "nonsense," the region continues to be battered by heavy flooding, landslides, and on Thursday an earthquake.
           John Wilder has forwarded to me links to videos and articles that give some more background on the issue of the flooding and the Three Gorges Dam, a few of which follow:

        "1/4 China Flood Dam Pressure Intensifies | three gorges dam | collapse | millions people affected"--China Observer (7 min.). This video notes that 1/4 of China has suffered flooding in the past month.

        "[3 Gorges Dam] Simulation done by Secretly"--Koreana Jones (11 min.)
        Purporting to be a simulation of one possible collapse scenario.

        And a couple of the articles:
                These issues are substantial in their potential to wreak havoc in the current day and include dubious building standards exacerbated by local government corruption, as well as other underlying threats (see dam cracks). Another great unknown is the area’s high seismicity.
                 There are six fault lines near to Three Gorges and the danger of their proximity to the largest dam in the world were never properly investigated during the feasibility study undertaken for the dam (the filling of dam reservoirs are triggers associated with seismic activity). 
            • And this link has a weather history of the region. Scroll down until you hit the precipitation history, and look at 2020 compared to all other years. Wow!

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