Thursday, December 20, 2018

Video: "Conflicts & Wars In The Aftermath of WWI"

       Unlike the impression you may have received in your freshman level history classes, wars do not just end. Combat between the main belligerents may grind to a halt, but large wars have their sequella, including smaller wars and conflicts that drag on ... and on ... and on. Keith Lowe's book, Savage Continent (which I reviewed here), provides a good overview of the conflicts, ethnic purges, crime and violence, and so on, that persisted in Europe after WWII.

       WWI was an outlier in that there was a set date and time for an armistice on the Western Front. But what was true of the Western Front was not true of the other fronts, or the conflicts that arose due to the Russian Revolution, the collapse of the Austrian-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires, and so forth. On top of which was the Spanish Flu pandemic--the deadliest pandemic, in terms of raw numbers killed, to ever visit our globe. The video above briefly goes over some of the conflicts that spun off from the First World War. The Great War Channel will, beginning in February, start putting out more detailed videos discussing the aftermath of the war, if this is a topic that interests you.

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