Monday, December 31, 2018

POTD: Manufactured News

Source: "Enemies of the (American) People" by Sarah Hoyt at PJ Media.


  1. Very good article. Sarah nails it. I recall walking on a college campus where leftist protesters were out protesting. Six protesters. The protesters were actually outnumbered by the news media covering the protest, and the protest showed up on the evening news.

    1. My favorite example still has to be Don Lemon of CNN outing a person being interviewed "on the street" as a CNN cameraman. (—-no-wait-it-was-cameraman)

  2. I have seen, with my own eyes, a "reporter" trying to manufacture news. One particularly loathsome reporter dreamed up the idea that gang members were buying guns at gun shows. So, this reporter snuck into the gun show to get video of non-white patrons looking at firearms to provide the imagery necessary for his story. Unfortunately for him, the gun show promoter caught the reporter and his camera man before they could get any video, and they were quietly ejected.


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