Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Elite's Biggest Fear

"The peasants are revolting" is generally considered a double entendre today, but it has been a real fear of the elites throughout the ages. So, it is interesting that President Trump raised that possibility when asked whether he fears impeachment. From Politico:
       President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that there would be chaos across the country if he were impeached. 
       “I’m not concerned, no,” the president told Reuters reporters about his potential impeachment during an interview in the Oval Office. “I think that the people would revolt if that happened.”
        I'm sure that the Democrats have already thought about that possibility. Thus, The Lid warns: "Get Ready: With Democrats in Power, 2019 Will Be the Year of Gun Confiscation." From that article:
A court recently upheld New Jersey’s ban on firearm magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but state officials have steadfastly refused to inform the citizens just how they intend to enforce that law. But the fact that it was upheld and coupled with news in a growing list of other states — not to mention the noise from Washington DC proves that the Democrats intend to make 2019 the year of gun confiscation and ending the Second Amendment in every way without saying it openly.
The article goes on to observe that, although officials have refused to say how that law will be enforced, the only method to ensure compliance would be mass confiscation via home-inspection. Other states have also passed gun and/or magazine restrictions or otherwise seek to increase gun regulations, as well as bills being proposed in Congress that would implement a new "assault weapons" ban and require any transfer of a firearm be made through a licensed firearms dealer.

      I would also point out that even where guns are not being directly regulated, many states are passing "red flag" bills which would make it easier to confiscate firearms. This is, in my opinion, the bigger risk. These laws generally are written to allow a family member (using a very inclusive definition) or police to obtain a court order allowing them to seize firearms from someone that is deemed to be a threat to themselves or others. The petitions are generally sealed, so it may be impossible to determine who requested the order, and the hearings are generally conducted ex parte, or without the participation of one of the parties (the gun owner). Although the orders can be challenged, it is only after the fact. The guns are still confiscated and the gun owner, essentially, must then go to court to ask for the return of his firearms.

      And there seems to be bi-partisan support for such laws. The American Conservative reports:
Since March, Florida and several states have passed red flag bills, bringing the total to 14 including the District of Columbia. Several Republican-majority legislatures have thwarted similar efforts in their states. But it may not matter. Armed with a new majority in the House of Representatives and seeming bipartisan support in the Senate, Democrats are closer than ever to passing new gun control legislation and federal “extreme risk protection orders” are the most likely to succeed in the next session. Why? Because prominent Republicans in the Senate, specifically Senators Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio, are already on record with their own bills, adding to popular Democratic proposals in both houses.
So, what social media comments, or statements to friends or family, have you made that could be construed as advocating violence? Ever suggested that gun confiscations would lead to civil war? Ever wished out loud that your boss die? Or will possession of a MAGA hat be enough?

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