Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Horror, The Horror ... An LDS Blogger Doesn't Like Rap

       An LDS blogger, Ayla (blogging at "Nordic Sunrise") has come under attack because she recently objected to a black rapper, who purportedly is also a Mormon, and his promotion of low or lax standards, other black celebrities that live degenerate lifestyles (or, at least, sing in praise of such lifestyles), and otherwise promoting "ghetto culture."

       Her article that raised the left's hackles is "Mormon 'Rap' and the Destruction of White, Western, Mormon Culture." The rapper in question calls himself, "James the Mormon." Ayla notes about him:
"... while James may not cuss or rap about sex (at least not yet) it was promoting violent, inner city thug culture and it’s lack of traditional values. It was also erasing our strong Mormon musical culture." She noted that he had, via social media and his videos, promoted Bayonce, supports immigration, promotes rap and ghetto culture (i.e., "gangsta" culture), "regularly tweets about his support of lowering modesty standards for women in the church urging them to show more skin...," has tweeted support of Black Lives Matter and condoned black violence toward whites. She goes on:
It’s not that I don’t think that James is a faithful member of the church with the best intentions, he probably is, but the problem is he promotes degeneracy of western values, morals and culture. And why not? James, like most of us, was raised in an education system and culture which told us all cultures are valuable. Thug, ghetto, rap culture is held up as being perfectly equal with white, suburban culture. We are told there is no difference and to see a difference is racist but I’m sorry there IS a difference!
So now the mainstream media is out to condemn her.

       The Daily Mail, for instance, has an article about her and her post entitled "Mommy blogger turned alt right poster girl: Mormon mom-of-six causes outrage by urging her thousands of followers to back her 'white baby challenge' and have children to stop 'black ghetto culture'." The article decries Ayla's defense of Western culture, and rejecting the cultural Marxist idea that all cultures are of equal worth. It also labels Ayla as a racist for calling on white families to have more babies. This, of course, is a horrible sin; although looking forward to the decline or death of White America is perfectly okay (see these articles from Newsweek, National Review and Salon), as, apparently, are calls to kill white Americans (see, e.g., comments from a BLM protester in Seattle, Oprah Winfrey calling for the death of "racists," Lena Dunham calling for the death of white men, or a retiring Mass. State Univ. professor). And let's not forget the similar sentiment from Hispanic leaders.

       Closer to home, the Salt Lake Tribune (a consistently left wing newspaper in Utah) has also criticized Ayla, claiming "Mormon blogger trumpets alt-right racial views, but is out of tune with her religion." The article then goes on in more detail in labeling Ayla as a racist and assuring its readers that she really is not representative of the LDS Church.

       The problem with all these articles, however, is that there really is not anything being stated in the cited post on "James the Mormon" that is racist. Ayla objects to lower moral standards and ethics of the "ghetto" or "gangsta" culture and it being accepted within the Church. So what. Ben Carson has opined that hip-hop is destructive, as have many other people. Thomas Sowell has blamed IQ differences between black and white Americans on black sub-culture. (He has also pointed to the negative impact of welfare on black communities). Are the Daily Mail or Trib suggesting that "ghetto" or "gangsta" culture are racial characteristics? They must be, in the minds of the left, if criticism of these sub-cultures are racist.

       What about Ayla calling on Utah Mormons to defend their native culture. Since most Mormon settlers in what was to become Utah, Arizona, Idaho, and Alberta were originally from New England, England, Sweden or Finland, there is a native culture based on white European cultures. Efforts of blacks, Latinos, or other people of color wanting to celebrate or preserve their culture is extolled as a virtue and even finds government sanction through the likes of pronouncements of "Black History Month," or the similar. So why not those of European decent? Are attendees of Renaissance fairs now racist? That seems the implication.

       And if demographics is destiny--including political destiny--why shouldn't a future minority work to change that destiny, even if entails calls to have more children. Asking whites to have more children is not the same as urging blacks or Hispanics to have less.

       What Ayla has demonstrated, in actuality, is how racist are journalists and those on the left. The left denigrates whites by calling anyone that likes Western civilization a "racist," while at the same time implying that deficiencies in black sub-cultures should be excused because of the implication that it is innate to the black race.

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