Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Propaganda All About Us--Subaru Commercial

        My purpose in this blog is to not only make people aware of prepper and self-defense content in general, but also point to things concerning the last days. As such, I have explored different theories and conjectures concerning the rise and fall of civilizations. One theme that often comes up is the decline of empire combined with invasion. In the Roman Empire, the invasion was peaceful at first, but became more violent as the Empire's weakness manifested itself to others and "immigrants" realized that they were no longer required to act as Romans when in Rome.

       We have entered a period where there is a hard press to eliminate the historic culture and peoples of Europe, the United States, and the Anglo-sphere. A push to advance the theory that America is a nation of immigrants rather than colonizers, as Vox Day put it. This not only involves the rewriting of our past by renaming of buildings or streets because some historic personage is no longer acceptable to a vocal minority, or removal of monuments that celebrate individuals or events that have fallen out of favor, or watering down history courses to be "inclusive." It is all around us--the message that (speaking of the descendants of pre-1965 America) our time is over.

       Interestingly enough, it appears in much of our advertising. One example that particularly struck me was this recent Subaru advertisement and its not so subtle message:

       The advertiser describes this commercial as "the story of two families. Their lives are on very different tracks, but they still share some similarities — both are full of adventure, life, and love." But that is not entirely correct because it is not about two families. What we have is a dynamic Hispanic family having a baby--their family is growing, and they are the future. And a sterile white couple, buying a puppy. Next we see the two briefly meet: the white couple with an adult dog, and the Hispanic family with a happy child. The Hispanic family is in a red car--a dynamic color. The white couple is in a silver car--almost white in the lighting, and suggestive of age or death. The Hispanic family turns their car toward the audience (representing the present turning to future), while the white couple turns away from the audience (representing the fade into the past).

       As we are told over and over and over, the future of America is brown. According to one article:
In 2030, the last of the aging Baby Boomers will have turned age 65, and in 2045, we will have become a majority-minority nation. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that in 2044, non-Hispanic whites will drop below 50 percent of the population, and Hispanics — America's largest racial/ethnic minority — will surpass 25 percent.
 Will it be a peaceful transition? Or will identity politics splinter us? That is the $64 question.

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