Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Black Pigeon Speaks: "Americans Will NEVER HAVE Single-Payer Healthcare: Here's Why"


       Black Pigeon notes that Americans spend more on healthcare, yet receive the worst returns, of any industrial nation.

       In my opinion, a large part of the high cost is excessive salaries for doctors, healthcare administrators, over staffing of administrative staff, and extravagant buildings. The idea that "non-profit" hospitals are not run to generate a profit is ludicrous. It just means that the profit doesn't go to a group of shareholders.

       However, getting back to Black Pigeon, he notes his experience with various single payer or national systems around the world and how well they have generally worked. But he also notes that the reason they work (or worked) is because they were introduced in countries which (at that time) had largely heterogeneous homogeneous populations. He believes that the United States will never accept a nationalized healthcare system because of our racial/ethnic diversity. Whites simply don't want to pay for healthcare for poor blacks and Hispanics (and it would go the other way if the script were flipped).

Update: corrected typo

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