Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Heh... (Updated)

One of the authors at The Truth About Guns writes about why he voted for Hillary:
... the micro economic argument was the real reason I voted for Hillary Clinton. 
My business is firearms, and business is booming. Over the last eight years, a large part of the rise in firearms ownership has been the constant fear that, one way or another, a government crackdown on guns is imminent. ...
... Now that Republicans have control of Congress and the White House, the constant threat of a government crackdown has evaporated. Gun sales will slump, prices will drop, and I’ll have to start selling plasma to supplement my income.

Update (11/17/2016): I took the author's post to be a case of parody, but not everyone took it that way: based on his history, it appears that he was actually serious. Members of the AR-15 forum believe they have identified the author, who wrote under the nom de plume, "FirearmConcierge." In any event, TTAG has scrubbed the offending post from its site.

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