Friday, November 11, 2016

November 11, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Video: "Homemade magnetron gun from the microwave and stun [gun]" (H/t Silicon Greybeard). These hobbyists have created an EM gun that they use to fry various electronics and part of the electrical system on a motor scooter.

  • "Should You Change Your Defensive Ammunition During Colder Weather?"--Active Response Training. Short answer--no. Especially if you are using a quality defensive round to begin with.
  • Also, while you are at Active Response Training, don't forget to check out Ellifritz's Weekend Knowledge Dump. One article that caught my eye was "The Federal HST…the new standard of excellence" from the Handgun Combatives blog. The author, who has long studied terminal effectiveness of handgun rounds, is pretty impressed with the performance of the 147 grain Federal HST in 9 mm. But don't despair if you use something else. He also notes: "I’ve seen continued success with the .38 special all-lead hollow point regardless of brand; the Winchester SXT and Speer Gold Dot regardless of caliber; and the Federal Hydra-Shok in slow- moving bullets, like the 230 grain .45 caliber or 147 grain 9 mm."

Other Stuff:
  • As you may have read, New Balance shoe company has come under fire (and calls of boycotts) for praising President-elect Trump. This is the type of behavior against which we must fight. I would call on you to support New Balance; if for no other reason, because they make quality products. Both my oldest son and I have New Balance athletic shoes, and, in my experience (having used many different brands) they have held up the best of any brand of athletic shoe.
  • I noted a couple days ago that a Trump presidency may have held off a civil war. Perhaps I spoke too soon. The left has become so addicted to bullying and violence that it appears they cannot give it up:
Roger L. Simon suggests that this is a passing phase, advising:
So this is a time to keep cool.  The reverberations from that shock of stocks—Donald Trump's winning the presidency—are probably going to be with us for awhile and may get a lot worse, even turn more violent than they already have been....
Scott Adams also explains:
    The election is over and Trump supporters are trying to mind their own business, as usual. Meanwhile, Clinton’s supporters are on the streets to protest people who act the way they are acting. How did things get this crazy?
      Well, most of it has to do with Clinton’s persuasion experts and supporters framing Trump and his supporters as the next coming of Hitler. 
        He, too, believes that this is a transitory phase, and that the Left will calm down as they see Trump is not the end of the world.
          Vox Day, on the other hand, observes that the struggle is merely beginning, and that now is not the time to accommodate the left. After observing that the left is not willing to accept a peaceful transition to power, he points out:
            Understand that healing and unity are not in the cards. This is not an ideological struggle between one people. The mask has been removed and the veil has been withdrawn. What cleaves the USA is an identity conflict between rival nations competing for power over each other. Read Huntington. Read Fukuyama. Read Gibbon. Peaceful unity is no longer a possibility and the best that can be hoped for now is a wary, short-term cessation of hostilities that will inevitably flare up again.
              Don't back down. Always hit back harder. Meet rhetoric with rhetoric. Show them no mercy, because they don't even know what it is. Be ruthless, relentless, and remorseless. Start nothing, finish everything.

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