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November 2, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around The Web

"The map that shows what the world REALLY looks like: Japanese design flattens the Earth to show how big landmasses and oceans really are"--Daily Mail.

In October 2016, the FBI processed 2,333,539 background checks — compared to October 2015’s 1,976,759. The total NICS checks for the previous year: 23,141,970. In 2016, through October, the FBI processed some 22,206,233 checks. That’s less than 1 million below the total for 2015, with the two biggest sales months in 2016 remaining.
Americans are suspending major purchases of houses and cars until after the presidential election, choosing instead to lard up on guns instead, according to a new survey provided to Secrets.
    "The top item Americans say they are likely to buy because of the election is a gun," according to a survey for the supply chain firm Elementum. What's more 97 percent of Americans are holding off major purchases "due to the presidential election."
      On top of the list of items all age groups are considering is firearms, said the survey. Some 16 percent "plans to buy a firearm as a result of the upcoming election. Among Americans living in the South, the figure is nearly 1 in 5 (19 percent) and among Gen Xers (35-44 year olds) the number is nearly 1 in 4 (23 percent) especially among women (24 percent)," said Elementum.
        Their survey was done by Harris Polls.
        • How's that gun control working for you? "U.K. Police Warn About Flood of Guns From Eastern Europe"--NBC News. The article states: "A flow of illegal weapons through Eastern Europe has led to a record level of gun seizures in London and prompted concerns that extremists could arms themselves for a devastating coordinated attack." Lots of machine pistols in the photograph.
        • Voter fraud: "State raids Delco offices, seeking evidence of voter registration fraud"--Philadelphia Inquirer. It reports: "In a warrant filed late last week in County Court, investigators said they were seeking documents, financial information, and lists of employees at the Norwood office of FieldWorks LLC, a national organization that often does street work for Democrats, records show."
        • Coming soon to a police force near you: "Army Tests New 40mm Door-Breaching Grenade"--Kit Up. The article reports: "Made by Chemring Ordnance, the breaching round had devastating effects on doors during the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments live-fire demo in October at Benning." Lots of photos at the link.
        • Diversity!
        But police have now admitted the force has reached breaching point as more than 50 areas in the country have now been placed on a “no-go zone” list.
          In February a report from Sweden's National Criminal Investigation Service announced there were 52 areas where officers would not cope with the levels of crime being committed. 
            Sex assaults, drug dealing and children carrying weapons were just some of the incidents mentioned in the report. 
              In September, Swedish officials were forced to add another three areas to the list. 
                Now the Police Association have said they need at least 200 new officers to regain control in the south-east of the country. 
                  But, according to the article, an average of 3 officers are resigning each day.
                  • "What Peak Oil Demand Would Do to the Global Economy"--American Interest. The author explains that, although peak oil has been proven a myth, demand for oil is going to begin to fall within the next 20 years. As demand for oil lessons, the result will be the collapse of economies that depend on oil revenue and the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs related to oil production and refining. Trillions of dollars of economic activity is at stake.
                  • Related: "Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom Coming Undone"--Defense One. According to the article, "Saudi Arabia is embarking on its economic transformation under two principal budgetary burdens: demographic change and collapsed oil prices." However, as the author explains, the transition will probably not be a smooth one, but holds promise of significant social upheaval. The problem is that the adult population is expected to double in the next 15 years, at the same time that the oil revenue necessary to fund an economic transition is falling. To complicate matters, Saudis are not use to actually having to work, with 70% of the population "employed" by the government and addicted to government subsidies of food stuffs and energy.
                    The U.S. and other Western countries are radically reducing the productive populations that built their respective nations. They are replacing the productive populations with a parasite constituency (both imported and homegrown) that takes more than it contributes. This plan is destined to fail in spectacular ways. The left’s Achilles heel is believing all humans are equal and can be swapped out like cogs in a transmission. This is why they think what they are doing will work. Reality will have none of it.

                        If aging whites think they are going to be propped up by hordes of immigrants that have been told constantly that white people are evil, they are delusional. And, they’re selfish.

                            This is the lie sold to the citizens of the West. We are told that to preserve social spending on ourselves, we will import immigrants and they will preserve it for us. We can have our retirement and the smiling immigrants won’t ever complain about the situation. The immigrants simply slave away designing cold fusion reactors with their advanced knowledge and never want anything in return.

                                This is all well and good, but why wouldn’t the immigrants simply use their numbers to vote in politicians that send money to them and their children instead of the natives that imported them? This thought never seems to cross the minds of the whites in the country. However, I assure you the left sees this imported constituency as a new power base for them.

                                    The fact that this situation is not blindingly obvious to whites is because we are projecting white values onto non-white people. White people are too naive to think in terms of tribal interests (or perhaps re-programmed not to by certain influencers). But probably more accurately, most whites know about tribal interests but are simply too selfish to want to stop it (must save muh Social Security).

                                        Sane people know that using immigration to save the economy is a selfish lie. It is a selfish lie told by people collecting government checks. They are saying what is happening is good for the country when in fact it is only good for them. They are crapping on their family, their community, and their nation in the process.
                                        • Black Lives Matter: "Who’s Racist?"--The Unz Review. It reports: "Over three days last week, at least 150 blacks attacked whites at random around TempleUniversity. Victims were surrounded, punched and kicked. Wallets and phones were stolen. Rocks were thrown at passing cars. When cops showed up, one was knocked from her bike and a police horse was even punched twice in the muzzle."
                                        • "Dust Veil of AD 536 - 6th Century Environmental Disaster in Europe" (H/t Woodpile Report). From the article:
                                          According to written records and supported by dendrochronology (tree ring) and archaeological evidence, for 12-18 months in AD 536-537, a thick, persistent dust veil or dry fog darkened the skies between Europe and Asia Minor. The climatic interruption brought by the thick, bluish fog extended as far east as China, where summer frosts and snow are mentioned in historical records; tree ring data from Mongolia and Siberia to Argentina and Chile reflect decreased growing records from 536 and the subsequent decade.

                                              The climatic effects of the dust veil brought decreased temperatures, drought and food shortages throughout the affected regions: in Europe two years later came the Justinian plague. The combination killed perhaps as much as 1/3 of the population of Europe; in China the famine killed perhaps 80% of people in some regions; and in Scandinavia the losses may have been as much as 75-90% of the population, as evidenced by the numbers of deserted villages and cemeteries.

                                                * * * 

                                                  Contemporary reports identified by Stothers and Rampino included Michael the Syrian, who wrote "the sun became dark and its darkness lasted for one and a half years... Each day it shone for about four hours and still this light was only a feeble shadow... the fruits did not ripen and the wine tasted like sour grapes." John of Ephesos related much the same events. Prokopios, who lived in both Africa and Italy at the time, said "For the sun gave forth its light without brightness, like the moon, during this whole year, and it seemed exceedingly like the sun in eclipse, for the beams it shed were not clear nor such as it is accustomed to shed."

                                                      An anonymous Syrian chronicler wrote "...the sun began to be darkened by day and the moon by night, while ocean was tumultuous with spray, from the 24th of March in this year till the 24th of June in the following year..." and the following winter in Mesopotamia was so bad that "from the large and unwonted quantity of snow the birds perished."
                                                        Read the whole thing.

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