Saturday, December 13, 2014

SOG Introduces a Hunting Knife with a Light

A review of SOG's Bladelight Hunt knife at Breach-Bang-Clear. From the review:
The BLADELIGHT is exactly what the name suggests, a knife paired with a bright LED flashlight. There are 3 powerful LED bulbs on each side of the blade, where the handle meets steel. A single AAA battery powers the light for almost an hour and a half, putting out an impressive 30 lumens of white light. After first turning the light on in a dark room, I was surprised what 30 lumen does. After years of using 60 lumen or brighter tactical lights, 30 is more then enough light for camp chores and illuminating a deer’s chest cavity. Its useful for finding your way to the designated piss tree in the middle of the night, or for following a thin trail back to camp when caught in the quick darkness of winter. The light is controlled by a “clicky” tail cap on the knife’s butt, and allows for momentary or constant on. 
They have photos at the link above. The reviewer seemed pretty positive about the knife.

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