Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5 "Nevers" and 1 "Always" For Self-Defense

The Weapon's Man discusses the 5 "nevers" about self-defense:

(1)  Never go with an assailant to a second location (and I would add that this includes not just a different building or place, but even going from a public location to a private location in the same building, such as from the main area of a store to a storage closet);

(2)  Never give up your gun;

(3)  Never get into a car with someone threatening you;

(4)  Never let someone tie you up; and,

(5)  Never give up.

He has some real-world examples of when these rules are violated, so check out the whole thing.

The "always" is related to #5 of the "nevers": Always be brave. Matthew Allen (author of the Straight Forward in a Crooked World Blog) has written an article at Shooting Illustrated discussing "facing your fear." He writes, in part:
It is okay in a moment of crisis to be afraid. After a random shooting, a friend wrote me and said “I’m afraid if something like that were to occur while I am there, I’d piss my pants.” I told him, “piss your pants and then shoot the bad guy.” 
There is something else. Should it ever come down to it, be brave. Be brave above anything else. I know: The tactical internet gods will say “REACT! DON’T THINK! REACT!” 
I’m telling you to be brave. Be brave because it matters. Be brave because we live among mice who would rather cower than fight and because of that the fight falls to a few. Fight to get home, fight to save your family, or someone else’s. You can be afraid. 
But above everything else, be brave.

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