Friday, December 19, 2014

Mpowerd Luci Inflatable Lantern

Essentially, this is a really simple little thing. It’s an inflatable plastic thing about the diameter and height of a DVD. Deflated, it’ll fit in your back pocket. 
According to the specs, it’ll run for about 12 hours on normal output after an 8 hour charge and hold a decent charge for a year. It’s only about $15 for the clear version.
What I really like is the simplicity. There’s just a single button on it, a strap on each end, and 10 LED lights inside. It doesn’t weigh very much and flat, it doesn’t take up much room. It could easily be slid into the back of your bug out bag as a backup light that can be a suitable lantern while camping or during an emergency. It’s much more suitable for this than the eartheasy SunBell lamp.
Because it’s inflatable, it’s pretty sturdy. It can be dropped from probably any height and won’t break. Just don’t let your dog around it if it’s inflated. Little Bo-Bo would have a field day popping it.
He notes that when deflated, it actually packs flat, which makes it good for backpacking or a bug-out bag.

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