Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Liberals are Evil

Charles Krauthammer once observed:
To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil. ... Liberals suffer incurably from naivete, the stupidity of the good heart. ... Accordingly, the conservative attitude toward liberals is one of compassionate condescension. Liberals are not quite as reciprocally charitable. It is natural. They think conservatives are mean. 
However, to understand the workings of the liberal elite, you cannot rely on "the stupidity of a good heart" to explain their actions. Rather, they really are evil.

Take, for example, environmentalism, the quintessential liberal movement--in fact, its basic religion. Environmentalism holds (despite decades of evidence showing that population growth has slowed and actually begun to decrease) that we are doomed by overpopulation, and therefore forceful measures must be taken to reduce the "surplus population." Environmentalism holds that humans are inimical to the environment, and the impact of humans must be removed and reversed. We are told that we have to reduce our standards of living by those who are the only ones to have increased their standards of living over the past decades. The end goal of the environmental movement is not to improve the lives of the common man and woman, but the elimination of the common man and woman.

Women's reproductive rights. Few things are as important to liberals as a woman's right to kill an unborn baby. So important is this right that liberals cannot even let health regulations, which pertain to all other medical procedures and clinics, stand in the way. The same waiting periods as they would place on buying a gun are too much to tolerate in standing in the way of killing an unborn baby. Oh, and most of the babies that are killed by Planned Parenthood and their ilk are minorities. (You may want to refer back to what I said about the the end goal of the environmental movement).

In the mid-20th century, blacks standard of living and incomes were progressing, the poverty levels were falling and then ... a bunch of KKK members in Congress (i.e., Democrats) decided to pass a series of welfare bills intended to buy the black vote in exchange for a subsistence standard of living. So, liberals have the votes to control the important coastal regions of the country and, in exchange, blacks have the highest poverty rates, unwed mothers, murders, and incarceration rates in the nation. (You may want to refer back to what I said about the end goal of the environmental movement).

The family unit is the bedrock on which civilization is built. The contract is the oldest, most fundamental type of law. Put them together and you get marriage. Liberals have engaged in a war on the family unit. They have redefined the family unit so broadly that it no longer has any meaning. The rights of the parents have been eroded until, now, the state are the "parents"--the actual parents still bear all the responsibilities, but lack any of the rights, of "parents." The contractual portion of marriage got thrown out the window long ago with the advent of "no-fault" divorce. What other contract allows one party (generally the woman) to not only unilaterally terminate the contract without cause, but to obtain damages (e.g., alimony) against the non-breaching party?

Firearms and gun control. In the 1800s, Colt had a sales slogan that went (as best as I can recall): "God created men, Colt made them equal." What a wonderful invention. In its modern form, the firearm allows a largely helpless elderly woman to defend herself from attack by a strong, healthy, young man (statistically the most likely to perpetrate a violent crime). Who would want to take away the ability of the weak to defend themselves against the strong? Liberals.

I could go on with additional examples, but I won't. The fact is that when you examine strongly held liberal beliefs and movements, what is revealed is something with the end goal of taking away the life, liberty, and/or property of the common man and woman. The mass of liberals--those that fall within the liberal definition of "surplus population"--may, in fact, suffer from naivety and ignorance. But those that promulgate the liberal agenda do not--the evidence of their failures to improve the lot of mankind are too plain, too overwhelming. The only remaining explanation is that they act as they do because they are evil.

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