Sunday, March 9, 2014

Abandoned Villages in Spain

The village of Barrerios, near Pontevena is just one of 2,900 villages which lie abandoned in rural Spain and are being sold off for knock-down prices

In the past, I've mentioned to my children that, because of declining birth rates, they likely will be able to retire to a villa in Greece or Italy because the land will be so cheap. It's actually happening faster than I thought. The Daily Mail  has a story which notes that:
-- Spanish hamlets for sale at less than the price of a London garage 
-- Entire Spanish villages on sale for as little as £50,000 - £200,000 less than the average UK home 
-- Buyers get a three-bedroom main house, five other buildings, a fresh-water spring, and 140,000 sq ft of farmland 
-- One village with six houses and 32,000 sq ft of land costs £75,000, the same as a Battersea parking space 
-- According to an estate agent there are around 2,900 deserted villages in rural Spain 
-- Clusters of houses were left abandoned after families fled the countryside during Spain's recession

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