Monday, March 17, 2014

Experiments in Black Powder -- Continued Powder Shortages

Due to continued powder shortages, the author of the Eaton Rapids Joe blog is working on developing a black powder mix to use in a rifle (in this case, the .303 Enfield). Interestingly, he is going to try a recipe that excludes the sulfur, reasoning that it may not be needed with modern primers. Anyway, he has posted about his reasoning, attempts to make his own charcoal, initial attempts at "corning" the powder.

Meanwhile, although I hadn't hear about this before, there apparently was an explosion last week at a PB Clermont gun powder manufacturing plant in Belgian. The cause of the explosion is unknown (although, it wouldn't surprise me if it were related to the events in the Ukraine--it doesn't take a cruise missile or stealth bomber to destroy critical infrastructure). According to Bearing Arms, the plant supplies powder for many European ammunition manufacturers, as well as some in the United States. The destruction of the plant will impact some of the product lines for Barnaul (distributor for Brown Bear, Silver Bear, and Golden Bear). Other manufacturers are not saying what impact, if any, it will have. Only ATK has said it will not impact its manufacturing.

(H/t Woodpile Report)

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