Sunday, March 23, 2014

Time to Start Thinking About Gardening

We spent time cleaning out our garden beds of the leaves, weeds, and so on that accumulate over the fall and winter months. We were also surprised to see that we had some sprouts from seeds or plants left over from last year, including some onions and carrots. It is still a bit too cold to start planting--at least in my neck of the woods--but it is time to start thinking about the garden.

Preparedness Mama has posted several recent articles on gardening that are worth a look, including:

      --"10 Drought Busting Garden Strategies"

      --"Testing Your Soil pH Without a Kit"

      --"Refreshing Your Mint Patch At the Beginning of the Growing Season"

The Approaching Day Prepper has an article on straw bale gardening.

And although not gardening articles per se, a couple general food storage articles that may be useful are Perky Prepping Gramma's article on waxing your own cheese (providing up to 8-10 years storage life if done correctly), and Prepared LDS Family reveals 10 mistakes they have made with food storage.

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