Wednesday, July 17, 2019

What Socialists Have In Mind For Conservative Americans

Today's Woodpile Report links to a series of articles by a blogger calling himself Metallicman about the historical process carried out by socialists and other would-be tyrants to engage in genocide or similar to destroy their political or religious rivals.

Short version, however, is that past genocides, ethnic cleansings, ideological cleansings, tend to follow similar steps:

  1. Demonize a class of people, and in the case of the United States this is white males, conservative Christians, or any others deemed to be "Deplorables".
  2. Promote that demonization into mainstream society.
  3. Normalize it to a point where pure hatred manifests (e.g., Black Lives Matter, Antifa).
  4. Create rallies and protests that will inflame the hatred.
  5. Then disarm the people so hated. 
  6. Make lists and check them twice identifying the Deplorables.
  7. Round up the Deplorables or force them into cities (aka, ghettos).
  8. Torture, rape and/or kill the Deplorables and their families.
  9. Expand the imprisonment and killing to other segments of the population.


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  2. I disagree with these sorts of "scare tactics." This usual progression of events which has historically taken place in other areas of the globe will not work here in the United States. #5 above - "Then disarm the people so hated" is where the socialists will fail miserably. First, the hated group ie. White, Anglo-Saxon, Christian, Conservative, heterosexual etc. also happens to be the best armed demographic. The second problem is simple logistics. Sure, the socialists would love to disarm us and have made it no secret that they'd be willing to try...but the landmass of the US is 3.797 million square miles of plains, forests, mountains, farms, cities, deserts and waterways. Scattered throughout all that area are the countries 328 million Citizens. By my estimation, Citizens outnumber law enforcement officials by 330-to-1. Given these statistics, I would certainly love to hear the socialist types explain how they plan to pull off #5 on a "door-to-door basis. Without achieving objective #5, the others eg. 6, 7, 8, and 9 can never happen.

    1. I also doubt that they could successfuly disarm the populace, but that won't neccessarily stop them from trying. And they might be successful in certain localities. For instance, New York City (or State) could probably pull it off. Besides, we've had de facto registration of firearms since 1968 via the requirement to fill out a form 4473. Several years ago I got a call from a detective in Florida concerning a firearm that, at that time, I'd purchased over 5 years prior. He obviously had no problem tracking me down based off the 4473.

      I see the primary value of the series of articles as explaining what would happen to us Deplorables if we failed to resist.