Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Learn Something New Everyday: What Anti-Globalist Really Means

I often criticize globalist individuals and organizations because they essentially believe people to be fungible, and, like the r-selected rabbits they are, have no in-group loyalty. They are responsible for hollowing out the American economy by exporting jobs and importing low cost labor. Stupid me. Even though I was unaware of it, I was apparently criticizing Jews. Fortunately the Jerusalem Post sets me straight: "The Anti-Defamation League defines 'globalist' as an antisemitic slur."
      "Although the term is not inherently antisemitic, 'globalist' is often used as a pejorative term for people whose interests in international commerce or finance ostensibly make them disloyal to the country in which they live," the ADL website states.

      "Because of the long history of antisemitic associations of Jews with money and commerce, and allegations that Jews place their transnational ethnic affiliations ahead of the interests of their non-Jewish neighbors, these pejorative subtexts quickly take on antisemitic connotations," the website says.
(See also this article at Newsweek and this one from the Jewish magazine, Forward). So, if you complain about the Koch brothers, Angela Merkel, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, George Bush, etc., you are actually complaining about Jews ... only none of them are Jewish. But the ADL thinks that they secretly are Jewish. Or maybe I subconsciously think they are Jewish. Or ... something. Anyway, just be sure not to criticize globalist policies because that means that you hate Jews.

     On a more serious note, I'm not sure if this falls into the category of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks", or just "we are the center of the universe" vanity.

Carly Simon: "You're So Vain"


  1. Is that really the hill they want to die on? I think that will open them up to an AMAZING array of lawsuits for slander/libel.

    1. Since they are not defaming a particular person or entity, I doubt there is a cause of action for libel. This is just more of the Left's attempt to marginalize normal people. Or they truly believe that the world revolves around them. I suppose that it is more acceptable to some people to believe that they are hated rather than admitting that most others are simply indifferent to them.

    2. My interpretation was that they'd toss people on their "naughty" lists based on that. If so, they'd be lawyer-bait. But, you're right - they'll just use it to try to move the goalposts.