Saturday, March 4, 2017

South African President Proposes Seizing Land from White Farmers

Because it has worked out so well in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe? The Daily Mail reports:
South African president Jacob Zuma has called on lawmakers to help seize white-owned land without compensation - to establish 'pre-colonial' patterns. 
But he has been warned that the measure would trigger a racial war in a country historically blighted by racial tensions.   
Speaking to parliament, he called for unity between black parties. The controversial move would require a change to the constitution.
Zuma's comments echo those of his rival Julius Malema, who said earlier this week: 'So, we are saying black people, all of us must unite so that we can change the constitution so that we can expropriate land without compensation.  
'There is no white man that will understand it.'  
Zuma told the Council of Traditional Leaders: 'The black parties should unite on this issue. We cannot fight about nothing.' 
Despite his ANC party having voted down a motion by the opposition EFF, headed by Malema, calling for land expropriation without compensation, Zuma spoke about his great-grandfathers, whose land had been confiscated. 
He said: 'It is now time for action. The time for talking, writing and analysis is over.'
Let this sink in for a moment: leaders of the No. 1 and No. 3 political parties in South Africa are calling for land confiscation. We know from history how this generally ends: with lots of people being rounded up and killed. The Telegraph has more on this story, including some more comments by EFF leader, Malema:
Mr Malema has been travelling the country urging black South Africans to take back land from white invaders and "Dutch thugs". 
He told parliament this week that his party wanted to “unite black people in South Africa” to expropriate land without compensation. 
“People of South Africa, where you see a beautiful land, take it, it belongs to you,” he said. 
Frankly, I think that white South Africans are living on borrowed time. It should be an object lesson to all Westerners, but it won't be. At least we don't have to worry about this in the United States for another 30 years.


  1. Let the Africans have the land, then make sure there are no charity food donations to keep them from starving when their communist land reforms inevitably result in severe food shortages. Isolate them and let them starve. But for Western aid, medicine, and technology, Africa would only be able to support a population of around 90 million Africans.

    1. It is my belief that through reckless provision of Western medicine to countries with deficient public health infrastructure that has led to the current crises of antibiotic resistant infections.