Saturday, March 11, 2017

Must See TV: "DEEP STATE & the Subversion of President Trump #Vault7"

This video is a nice overview of the implications of the Vault 7 CIA materials released by Wikileaks and the Umbrage program wherein the CIA cataloged characteristics of hacks from other nations in order to disguise its own hacking. Black Pigeon observes that when the media isn't ignoring this--a scandal that dwarfs the Watergate Scandal--they focus on the wrong matters. As Black Pigeon explains in this video, the real story is that the CIA has been complicit in attempting to undermine a democratically elected president through its use of illegal surveillance and claiming that Russia influenced the election. Notwithstanding Umbrage, knowing it or other nations could disguise its attacks, the CIA nevertheless pointed the finger at Russia. Moreover, Obama and Hillary knew of the program, but likewise pointed the finger at the Russians. The real story, as Black Pigeon notes, is that there is a government within the government, that works completely outside the bounds of the Constitution and republican form of government, that is "the real power behind the throne." This Deep State has set itself as kingmakers like the Praetorian Guard of the late Roman Empire. Americans have, as Black Pigeon says, failed to keep their republic.

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