Thursday, March 23, 2017

March 23, 2017--A Quick Run Around the Web

"Shuttlecocks On Grenades Dropped By Drones"--The Firearms Blog.
  • "Blue Force Gear Releases Micro Trauma Kit NOW"--The Firearms Blog. The complete kit includes: QuickClot combat gauze; HyFin vent chest seal (2); Cleer medical trauma bandage 4” Flat Pack; decompression needle; six 2” x9” Frog Tape; size 28 Nasopharyngeal airway; and 1 pair heavy duty medical gloves. MSRP is $200 for the complete kit.
  • "Oops" is generally not the word I've used: "DoubleStar Debuts the Oops! Replacement Kit"--Ammo Land. The Oops! Replacement Kit includes: Four takedown detent springs; four takedown detents; two buffer detent springs; two buffer detents; two firing pin retaining pins; two extractor springs with bumper pads; two selector springs / ejector springs; and two selector detents. MSRP is $15.99.
  • A couple days ago, I published my own analysis of the cost versus benefit of firearms. Apparently inspired by the same story, but relying on other studies as to the cost of crime, Dan Zimmerman at The Truth About Guns made a similar analysis. Although the numbers are different, the conclusion is the same: the costs saved by use and possession of firearms to prevent crime overwhelmingly outweigh the costs of firearm deaths and injuries.
  • "NICS Checks Increase for February 2017"--The Firearms Blog. Per the article, "February NICS checks hitting over 2.2 Million last month represents almost a 10% increase over January 2017. That number for February is only slightly lower than the number of checks performed in October 2016." 

Other Stuff:
           This place is just like Sweden. Terrified of admitting the truth about the threat we face, about the horrors committed by the migrants we failed to deter — because to admit that we are sinking, and fast, would be to admit that everything the liberals believe is wrong.
             That multiculturalism has not worked. That it is one big fat failure and one big fat lie.
      Among other measures, it maintains NASA’s long-term goal of sending humans to Mars by the mid-2030's, and continues to fund development of the Space Launch System and Orion crew capsule that will get them there. It also calls for continued support of robotic missions already underway, like a Europa probe and the James Webb Space Telescope.

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