Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ready for the Apocalypse?

In the video I've linked to above, Black Pigeon pretty much lays out the importance of the outcome of this election. That is, whether or not you like Trump, a Hillary presidency will be the end of America as we know it. As Black Pigeon points out, this a referendum between globalism (represented by Hillary) and American nationalism (represented by Trump). If Hillary wins (and she probably will, given the forces backing her), she will permanently change the voting demographics through amnesty and massive immigration, so that conservatives will never be able to win another national election.

However, things will probably be much worse than what even the Black Pigeon foresees. Although the crook, Hillary, has painted Trump as a "monster," the Anonymous Conservative warns:
... Hillary is crooked, but where does her crookedness lead? What happens as she sells out our nation, increasing debt to $40 Trillion, and handing that money to her crooked cronies in return for cash handouts to her corrupt foundation and six figure paychecks for twenty minute speeches? 
If Hillary wins, the government collapses. The economic system collapses. The EBT system collapses. Social Security goes away. Healthcare collapses. Law and Order disappears as the Fedguv machine collapses and the savages go ape-shit over losing their freebies. Wars begin when we can’t pay back our national debt. Companies collapse as the banking system they need goes under. Too big to fail transitions to TOO BIG TO SAVE. And all of that will probably sweep all across the globe. 
It all comes down, and the United States is over. Apocalypse. The mother of all Apocalypses, created by an all powerful, evil cabal of establishment hacks. The kind of Apocalypse which only a Monster could have any chance of fixing before ITZ goes down. The kind of Apocalypse which we need a Monster to prevent. 
It will be a dark and dangerous time even if Trump should, somehow, win. Hillary is already laying the groundwork to blame a Trump win on the Russians, evidence of which will probably be provided by what we now know is a corrupted FBI. We can also expect that Black Lives Matter, CAIR and La Raza will work to increase civil unrest.


  1. Apocalypse? Why do you think Walking Dead, which is starting its seventh season and spawned the successful spin-off Fear The Walking Dead, is so popular? Walking Dead is a dark grim story - the foes are truly evil sociopaths, and the relentless zombies will kill if you let your guard down for even a moment. There is no winning in the Apocalypse, only tenaciously fighting to hang on for another day. Deep down, people know something is fundamentally wrong in America. Walking Dead provides a safe outlet for that feeling they can't quite quantify.

    1. I agree that people know that something is wrong. Not just the Walking Dead series, but a whole slew of Apocalyptic or dystopian movies, television shows, and novels have become popular. I was looking through the magazines at the local grocery store and noted four different magazine titles devoted to only the topics of prepping and survivalism, not including the popularity of magazines on primitive skills and getting back to basics. I suspect that the surge in gun sales is as much a result of feelings of unease as threats of gun bans. Although the Anonymous Conservative uses the term "rabbits" to describe the r-selected, I think that "rat" may be more accurate. And even the rats know that something is seriously wrong.