Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Source: "Great Pyramid's secret rooms revealed: Two mysterious 'cavities' are uncovered in Egypt's 4,500-year-old monument"--Daily Mail. Although the cavities were discovered, it will take additional research to determine the size of the cavities, or their purpose.

I know many of you are probably sick of election news, but while you may not be interested in the outcome of the election, it is interested in you:
During an April 2015 speech to the Women in the World Conference she said, “Deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed” for the sake of giving women access to “reproductive health care and safe childbirth.”
    Translated, that means that Clinton, who believes that reproductive rights are a “fundamental human right”, would, through repeal of the Hyde Amendment, force all taxpayers to fund all abortions, even partial birth, that is, “day of birth” abortions regardless of our religious convictions.
      Clinton is also willing to impose federal penalties, including denying tax-exempt status, in order to, as Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito wrote, “stamp out every vestige of dissent” to a far-left agenda.
        There is a deliberate and comprehensive anti-Christian plan being promoted by Hillary Clinton and funded by George Soros because they believe that Christian principles are an impediment to the implementation of their progressive policies.
        It appears that a bottle filled with flammable substance was thrown through a front window of the Orange County GOP offices, according to a statement from the Hillsborough government. The substance ignited inside the office, burning some furniture and damaging the building's interior before going out, the statement said.
          An adjacent building was also vandalized with graffiti including a swastika and the words "Nazi Republicans leave town or else," which was discovered and reported this morning by another business owner, the statement said.
          • "CNN Host Claims It’s ILLEGAL For Public To View WikiLeaks Emails"--The Daily Caller. "CNN’s Chris Cuomo told viewers it is illegal for them to possess emails leaked by the website WikiLeaks, and as a result they could not read them and had to rely entirely on the media to learn about their content."
          • "Republicans and Independents Favor Throwing Hillary In Jail"--Anonymous Conservative. Citing polls showing that an overwhelming number of conservatives, and almost half of independents, favor throwing Hillary in jail, AC comments that "it is amazing that we are seeing so much K-strategy now, given how little resource restriction we have experienced," and adds: 
            I am convinced that this K-shift, when it fully hits with the economic collapse, will be as violent as any period we have seen in history. The only question is where the violence will be directed.
              The country has not had a presidential candidate from one of the two major parties try to cast doubt on the entire democratic process and system of government since the brink of the Civil War, said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University.
                “I haven’t seen it since 1860, this threat of delegitimizing the federal government, and Trump is trying to say our entire government is corrupt and the whole system is rigged,” Mr. Brinkley said. “And that’s a secessionist, revolutionary motif. That’s someone trying to topple the apple cart entirely.”
                Farago then goes on to comment:
                  The anti-gun left already use the “gun rights advocates as insurrectionists” idea to further their civilian disarmament agenda. Combine that with the recent “revelation” about “super gun owners” — the alleged three percent of gun owners who own over 50 percent of America’s private arsenal — and you have a recipe for . . . something really bad.
                    Should a Trump supporter (or two or more) go postal after their candidate’s loss, it will give the Clinton administration the excuse they need to issue a federal dictat on gun control. Not that they won’t find some other excuse, but still. Dangerous times people. Dangerous times.
                    Meanwhile, the Obama Administration had recently threatened to retaliate against Russia for the Wikileaks dumps of documents revealing the ugliness of politics in the Hillary State Department and Campaign. It appears that the retaliation may be on:

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