Thursday, October 6, 2016

How weed destroys teenagers' minds--Daily Mail

 The Daily Mail reports on "How weed destroys teenagers' minds: The earlier you try marijuana, the lower your IQ, study claims." According to the article:
Young teenagers who try marijuana dramatically lower their IQ and raise their risk of developing brain dysfunction, depression, and bipolar disorder, a new study claims.
The younger the brain, the weaker it is as it grows and strengthens, scientists at Canada's Western University warn. 
And their research shows marijuana can have a devastating affect on that development process.
According to the study, published today, cannabis severely impaired teens' visuo-spatial processing, memory, self-referential activity and reward processing. 
The study found that early marijuana use was also associated with lower IQ scores.
And the younger they started using the drug, the worse their impairment was. 
Marijuana also did nothing to alleviate symptoms of depression in teens - despite claims by pro-legalization groups that this is a key benefit. 


  1. It is only a generalization that teenage marijuana use reduces intelligence. Obviously, it didn't have an impact on Barry Soetoro, recognized as a genius with an "off the charts" IQ.

    1. LOL. Yes, of course. I wouldn't contend otherwise.

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