Saturday, November 26, 2011

Positive Press for the Zombie Squad

The Zombie Squad is a volunteer network of purposefully apolitical horror movie fans united through a 10,000-person-strong online forum to share their skills and passion for disaster preparedness, while raising money for diverse charities. Founded in St. Louis in 2003, it started as primarily a social club for a group of friends who observed that victims in horror films could have easily escaped their fate by such simple preparations as carrying a flashlight. According to Oregon Zombie Squad president Gabriel Martin, the charitable component was added so that “it wasn’t a bunch of horror movie nerds who like to go camping.”
Zombie Squad members provide interactive disaster preparedness workshops focusing on zombie protection, natural disasters, and epidemics. Not coincidentally, the survival kit for a zombie invasion includes the same items that the Red Cross recommends for inclusion in natural disaster emergency kits.
Note: This is from about a month ago, but I only just came across it.

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