Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to Store Onions and Potatoes

A good article from on how to store onions and potatoes.
They need to live in a dry, breathable container, but I also hate buying baskets! Thankfully, sturdy paper grocery bags provide a great solution.

Just cut them off an inch or two below the upper fold. Two of them side-by-side fit nicely in my standard-size cabinet, so I can sort red and yellow onions. Trim a smooth curve in the front face for easy access to the onions.
The bags are sturdy enough that I can tug them out and shove them around while full of onions without fear of breakage, and the onions breathe well enough I haven't had any more problems with sprouting or mold.

I originally intended these to be extremely short-term storage solutions, but they're still working beautifully several months down the road.

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