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June 9, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

"Paper patching for .577/450 Martini-Henry"--Bloke on the Range (12 min.)
This how-to video shows how to do paper patching--wrapping a sub-caliber bullet with thin paper until it reaches the correct diameter. I've actually researched this a bit because I had considered getting one of the old Martini-Henry rifles sold by International Military Antiques, that were recovered from a cave in Nepal, and restoring it. If you can find commercially loaded ammunition, it will run something like $10 to $15 per round (at least at the time I was looking into it). You can use .45-70 bullets for the Martini-Henry, but only if you paper patch them to bring them up to the correct caliber. (Brass is another problem altogether--most reloaders apparently use brass shotgun cases--I don't remember the gauge, though).

  • TGIF: This week's Weekend Knowledge Dump from Active Response Training. A lot of variety this week: improvements for police responding to terrorist attacks; wound management; "irregular movement" as a sign that a criminal is stalking you or preparing to attack; Tannerite; advice for women that carry a weapon in their purse; Venezuela; and more. (And, a link to a post by your's truly. Thanks, Greg!).
  • "RECALL: Ruger Issues Safety Warning For MKIV Pistols"--The Firearms Blog. This recall extends to all MK IV pistols, including the 22/45 models. It has to with a safety issue: that the weapon can fire if the safety is not fully engaged (e.g., half-way between "safe" and "fire").
  • "Firearms Trainer Pat MacNamara: Universal Background Checks and Mandatory Waiting Periods are A-OK"--The Truth About Guns. Watching the video, unless Comedy Central changed the questions from what was actually asked, MacNamara admitted that he was okay with universal background checks and 3-day waiting periods. The "explanation" at Primary & Secondary's Facebook page doesn't say that the questions were not asked and answered, but that Comedy Central had edited out his other comments in support of the Second Amendment. What is interesting (and alarming) to me is the number of comments are in agreement: that are agreeable to universal background checks and waiting periods.
       First: The Second Amendment is a recognition that the right to keep and bear arms is a natural or God-given right. A right is something that is we have and are free to exercise so long as we don't abuse it. For instance, we have the right to free speech; we don't have the right yell "fire" in a crowded movie theater where it might cause a panic and get people killed or injured. However, as a free people, it is (or should be) expected that we will exercise our rights responsibly. Thus, we don't have to get a license, undergo a background check, or submit to a waiting period to, for instance, engage in free speech, go to church, or keep police from randomly searching our houses. The arguments for universal background checks (which is the new code phrase for eliminating private sales or transfers of firearms by requiring all sales or transfers go through a licensed dealer) and waiting periods flip this around: they assume that we are going to use our right to keep and bear arms illegally, and that we must make some proof otherwise. Which makes it a non-right, but something subject to the whims of the government.
       Second: As the TTAG author points out, the anti-Second Amendment establishment has never compromised. Their version of compromise is whether they take a foot this year, or take an inch this year, and the rest sometime later. Thus, it counter-productive to even discuss possible "compromises".  
       So, should people "freak out" about MacNamara's comments? That is, should people take MacNamara's comments when deciding whether to watch his videos or pay for his services? Yes, if you want to. It is your time and money, and you should use any criteria that you feel is appropriate to judge whether a person or company is worthy of it. 
  • ".400AR – Another Wildcat Cartridge for the AR-15"--The Firearms Blog. Now this is an interesting offering. It has nearly the same muzzle energy as the larger .458 SOCOM, but still offers a larger diameter and decent mass (200 grain bullets), but is small enough to double stack in a magazine (25 rounds verses, I believe, 7 to 10 for the .458 SOCOM). Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that there is anyone producing the barrels--you would have to get a custom made barrel.
  • "How Many Loaded Magazines"--All Outdoor.  The author notes that he sees comments on different forums asking this question--particularly for preppers--and often sees responses of "all of them." This, he notes, is not only unrealistic if you have any sizable number of magazines (and extremely optimistic, I would add) because you would not need that number of rounds, but also poor storage because it leaves the ammunition exposed to air, dirt, oil in the magazines, etc. The author doesn't give a specific number, but he has "several" magazines loaded: some with ammunition intended for self-defense purposes, and, since he lives on rural property, others with ammunition (55-grain soft-point) intended for use on coyotes and other predators. 
  • Related: ".224 cal - Winchester Factory"--Terminal Ballistics Research.  (Warning: graphic photos). The author has submitted photographs of the terminal performance of Winchester brand .223 Remington (5.56) in 55 grain and 64 grain soft-point ammunition, and 64 grain Power Point on goats and small deer. The 55 grain, he notes, caused significant damage, but, on one animal, was stopped when it hit the spine. The 64 grain projectiles had better performance on penetrating through bone. 
  • "Civilian Contractors - Guns: The Ak-47 And The M-4 In Security Contracting – A Comparison"--Death Valley Magazine. A 2012 article which is interesting in noting positives and negatives. Basically, the AR systems were reliable, but needed greater cleaning and care in the desert environment than the AK. The AK mags are heavy and will malfunction with even small dents, whereas the standard aluminum GI mags held up much better.
  • "The 'Real' Solution To Vehicle Borne Jihadist Attacks"--Gabe Suarez. Basic point is that you can't outrun a car, but you can dodge one. Don't expect to be able to stop the vehicle--target the driver instead. But not through the windshield, since it is thicker glass and you will be in front of the vehicle. However, a shot through a side window will work pretty well. 
       After the vehicle comes to a stop, and the terrorist come stumbling out of their vehicle, (and assuming that you don't have family members or other persons to protect, in which case, you should hoof it out of the area as fast as possible), Suarez recommends:
Once the terrorists are on foot, and you are clear in your mind they are terrorists, feel free to engage (crashing into a crowd, then getting out and stabbing people is a rather conclusive position don't you think?).  And by engage I mean preemptive, unannounced head shots, ear canal shots, or back of the head shots.  Your objective is to kill them, not the politically correct "shooting to stop them".  But don't draw too soon - wait until you are certain.  Remember, when there is any doubt, there is no doubt.  Of course, if they are running toward you, knives upraised, there will be no ambiguity about their intentions.  
  • "Hunting Vehicles Targeted by Thieves"--All Outdoor. Just a reminder that thieves are increasingly targeting vehicles sporting firearms and hunting related stickers with the expectation to get firearms and other shooting/hunting gear. 
  • Baby steps: "Czechs Go K on Guns And Migrants"--Anonymous Conservative. The Czech Republic is looking at changing its constitution to allow civilians to use firearms to defend themselves against terrorists. 

Other Stuff:
  • Related: "William Muir’s Theory Of Muhammad"--View from the Right (h/t Chateau Heartiste). The author of this piece has been reading Muir's book, which was published in 1878 and was intended to explain the tenants and beliefs of Islam. Key point from the article:
After pointing out that Mahomet himself occasionally worried that it was genii who were speaking to him rather than Allah, Muir does something rather brilliant. He demonstrates, step by step, that Jesus’ responses to the three temptations of Satan were the exact opposite of Mahomet’s behavior. Whereas Jesus refused to use his divine powers for his personal advantage or for power, Mahomet often used his (false) claim of direct divine authorship of the Koran for purely personal ends (such as his various murders and marriages), and, of course, to make his religious teaching into an earthly, conquering, political force. In other words, Mahomet yielded to the temptations that Jesus rejected. Therefore, Muir concludes (and he calls this a suggestion rather than a dogma), if Mahomet was indeed inspired by a supernatural being, it was not God but someone else.
President Nicolas Maduro has greatly expanded the military's authority and is leaning on the armed forces as his own grip on power weakens. The military has helped hold up the socialist administration for more than a decade, but never before was it the government's main crutch. And despite the outward loyalty of top officers, cracks are beginning to appear.
The article goes on to discuss concerns that there could be a coup. Interestingly, in order to keep the military loyal, not only do they get more food, but they also receive bonuses--apparently paid out in American dollars. 
           It is because Cultural Marxism can co-exist with our current economic and political structure that our so-called “conservatives” are far more likely to align with the New Left than the Old Right. The behavior of our own captains of industry shows the rot is deep and that multiculturalism is very much part of American “liberal democratic” thinking, even informing our bogus conservatism. “Conservatism” is now defined as waging endless wars in the name of universalist values that any other generation would have called radically leftist. And Cultural Marxists themselves now define what we call “Western values”—for example, accepting homosexuality
             The takeover is so complete, we might even say “Cultural Marxism” has outlived its usefulness as a label or as a description of a hostile foreign ideology. Instead, we’re dealing with “conservatives,” who are, in many ways, more extreme and more destructive than the Frankfurt School itself.
      • The coming ice age: "What Happened to Spot? A Solar Update"--by Stephanie Osborn at According to Hoyt. The author discusses the lack of solar activity (including low sunspot count) and the recent (2 year old) “double-dynamo” model of the solar interior. She writes:
      This model is predicting an extended minimum beginning in about 10-15 years (1-1.5 solar cycles), and this roughly matches my own considerations based on observation. If it is indeed not complex enough (as I strongly believe), then it may be that said extended minimum may begin sooner or later than predicted. The current rather precipitous decrease in sunspot numbers so soon after a solar max — which was itself somewhat paltry — may indicate an early start…or not. We will have to wait and see.
             Combine lower global temperatures, consequential reduced food production, and increasing international financial and political instability and ... well, it doesn't look good. Ironically, it won't be the wealthy countries that suffer the most, but the third world countries that depend heavily on food imports, e.g., the Middle- and Near-East, and Africa. 
             When you consider Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks, and that Christ was executed half-way through the final week, and combine it with the many references to a 3-1/2 year period of tribulation, and that the onset of this minimum will be nearly 2,000 years since Christ's ministry, it makes you wonder about the 2030s.
       (Updated 6/10/2017--corrected typo)

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