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June 19, 2017 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

Look at his trigger finger. Is that normally taught in NRA firearms courses? (Source: "NRA Disallows 1911s As 'Primary Handguns' From Its 'Carry Guard' Classes"--The Firearms Blog).
According to BAE, liquid armor has an advantage of being lighter than other armor materials at comparable protection levels. When combined with Kevlar, it also allows 45% of body armor thickness reduction as well as allows more motion freedom for the soldiers. So when the projectile hits such armor, the special liquid media (similar to non-Newtonian fluids) immediately hardens at the point of impact and restricts the motion of Kevlar yarns making it harder and more resistant to the impact. At the same time, when there is no stress of impact, it keeps the armor flexible enough not to constrain the dexterity of soldier’s motions.
  • "An Introduction to Revolver Reloads"--Revolver Guy. He links to a video on methods of reloading a revolver, but instead focuses on some other factors: using a cartridge that is amenable to rapid reloading in a revolver because of the bullet shape and nickel plated brass: sharp angles on a bullet can catch on the edge of the cylinder and slow a reload. Also, he reminds readers to keep their cylinders clean to facilitate both loading and ejecting spent casings. Finally, he discusses some of the speed loaders on the market. 

Other Stuff:
  • The New York Times has called for the mass deportation of blacks. Bret Stephens, in an op-ed entitled "Only Mass Deportation Can Save America," observes that "[t]he United States has too many people who don’t work hard, don’t believe in God, don’t contribute much to society and don’t appreciate the greatness of the American system." He goes on to describe these people in round-about terms, saying that:
I speak of Americans whose families have been in this country for a few generations. Complacent, entitled and often shockingly ignorant on basic points of American law and history, they are the stagnant pool in which our national prospects risk drowning.
He then goes on to discuss these Americans' high crime and incarceration rates compared to immigrants, poor educational achievement--especially in STEM fields--and the rate of out-of-wedlock births. While he attempts to obfuscate the identity of these Americans he wishes to deport, it is pretty clear which group he is talking about if you have studied the relevant statistics: within the United States, and compared to other groups, blacks have the highest incarceration rates (higher than Hispanics and far higher than whites), they have the highest rates of out-of-wedlock births and the lowest educational achievements. They generally claim a greater religiosity, but if crime statistics and out-of-wedlock births are any sign, are not ones that take the teachings of the Bible very seriously. While Stephens is certainly audacious, I have to wonder what his friends and colleagues would think of his plan to deport blacks.
       In the spring of 2016, Brian Levin found himself in an uncomfortable position: trying to save the life of a Ku Klux Klan member.
           Levin, a former New York City cop who studies domestic extremism as the director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, was documenting a Klan rally in Anaheim, California, when a counterprotest suddenly took a violent swing — forcing Levin to physically place himself between a Klansman and a furious, anti-fascist mob that seemed ready to kill.
             It made Levin wonder if in his focus on the obvious subject — the white supremacists — he’d overlooked a growing source of extremism: the far left. “At that point, I said we have something coalescing on the hard left,” Levin told VICE News.
        Well, to be honest, how could they have guessed that the left might be dangerous? I mean, they've only had thousands of terrorist incidents in the 1960's and 1970's, every presidential assassination or assassination attempt since Lincoln, millions in damaged and destroyed property by groups such BLM, Antifa, and various animal rights and environmental groups, while only a handful of incidents from what could be considered the political right (and none from Republicans). With anti-terrorism people like this, 9/11 was not just possible, but a given.
          Democrats may be horrified by [the] attempted massacre of the GOP House baseball team by an avowed progressive, but their incendiary demands for “massive resistance” since November have been an open plea for the escalation of words into violent action. The daily repetition that President Trump is an illegitimate usurper who stole the election through collusion with foreign powers has been a hypnotic incantation in search of an Oswald: a siren call for an assassin.
                   As American women, many of us have an idea of what feminists are; freelancing women with all the sexual freedom in the world. But this is exactly the problem with American feminism; it is all about sex and the liberation of our bodies. Certainly, things like abortion and contraception is a part of that freedom, but in today’s society the fight has taken on a much different tone.
                     Hip Feminist campaigns like Free the Nipple only encourage a gullible behavior of disrespect for our own bodies, leading to everyone else around us disrespecting our bodies as well. If we want to be respected as women and taken seriously in all our endeavors we should look to a new source; Muslim women. Muslim women, as well as Muslim men, see every body as a sacred temple, especially the female body. Opposed to exposing themselves, it is through modesty. When we think of modern feminists we should stray away from the new American trends and start looking to what we have always thought as a contradiction; Muslim feminists.
                       While I don't disagree that Feminism has taken women down a long and lonely road of carnal fulfillment to replace their spiritual impoverishment, the rest of the article is pure bunk. For instance, this line that "Muslim women, as well as Muslim men, see every body as a sacred temple, especially the female body." If that is so, why have Muslim men turned Sweden into the rape capital of Europe (the whole world if one discounts Africa)? Why the widespread rape of young children (boys and girls) among Muslims? Why the female genital mutilation? Why must women be covered from the top of the head, to the tip of the toes in shapeless clothing? 
                       And where does the reference to our bodies being a temple come from? Oh, yeah: 1 Corinthians 6:19 -- a Christian scripture. 
                         2,000 cases. 
                           That was the most overlooked revelation to come from the testimony of the former FBI director. While the media parsed every Comey hiccup to bolster its election conspiracy theories, it ignored that number. 
                              Comey stated that there were around 2,000 terrorism investigations. 1,000 of those came from “home grown violent extremism” with no evidence of contact with foreign terrorists. Another 1,000 had "some contact with foreign terrorists". 300 from that 2,000 had come to America as refugees. 
                                 Two-thirds of the refugee terrorists were from Iraq. The other third were mainly from the six countries named in President Trump’s travel pause which left-wing activist judges have unconstitutionally halted. 
                          These numbers are just for the United States. The numbers in Europe are much worse: the UK alone has 3,000 potential terrorists that are being investigated.
                          • The return of tribalism: "Our narrowing world"--Richard Fernandez at PJ Media discussing terrorism in Europe and attacks on our troops in Afghanistan by supposed allies:
                                 Government is losing its credibility as an effective protector.  Under these circumstances "carrying on exactly as before" is likely to have a meaning opposite to Independent's intention.  For most people it will mean continuing to batten down the hatches and rebuilding the trust networks so foolishly discarded when they put their trust in the State. The vision of future may prove to be not the borderless EU after all -- but Israel.  If government fails to protect people they are likely to fall back on tribalism and wire instead.
                                    The issue is whether order can recover before the world fragments into a patchwork of affinity groups. Tribes have considerable advantages after all. They are designed to provide trust, a commodity often more valuable than the theoretically greater military potential of an open group.  An open group without trust is a kill zone. ...
                                       Tribes and clans are still used when information security and omerta are paramount.  No technical solution yet devised can beat treachery.  Only loyalty can do that -- and we have made loyalty, to nation at least, a bad word.  ...
                                       You can't operate without trust.
                                         If we are to prevent a new medievalism finding the right balance between an open society and maintaining loyalty and allegiance is necessary.  It is a difficult task under any circumstances.  But rarely has anyone failed more dismally at it than the leaders of our multi-culti world.  By stigmatizing calls for reasonable loyalty as bigotry they have climbed out on a limb and sawed themselves off; by their dogmatic insistence on mindless inclusion they've foreclosed all attempts to bring things back to even keel.  They have reduced themselves to the level of hapless bystanders, unable to either prevent or explain an onslaught they themselves -- were they honest enough to admit it -- should have foreseen.
                                  In the report, researchers at the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research lab describe using machine learning to train their “dialog agents” to negotiate. (And it turns out bots are actually quite good at dealmaking.) At one point, the researchers write, they had to tweak one of their models because otherwise the bot-to-bot conversation “led to divergence from human language as the agents developed their own language for negotiating.” They had to use what’s called a fixed supervised model instead.


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