Monday, June 12, 2017

Walmart Ends Rationing of .22 LR

       The Firearms Blog reports that Walmart has ended its rationing of .22 LR. A notice to managers indicates that because of an increase in availability of product, the managers and associates are now free to sell to a single buyer as many boxes as the buyer would like. This seems a little slow in coming as most other retailers seem to consistently now have stock of .22 LR, although some (Sportsman's Warehouse *cough*cough*) seem intent on trying to sell it at the high prices reached during the drought.

       The article also notes that one of the effects "will be the resurgence in interest in rimfire weapons, who’s primary draw was inexpensive shooting." I know it had an impact on me: after the drought had continued for awhile without any appreciable efforts from ammo manufacturers to step up their production, I decided that I would not purchase another .22 LR firearm until availability had increased and prices decreased. I believed if enough consumers did the same, firearms companies might pressure the ammunition companies (sometimes one and the same) to expand production. And, yes, once prices became reasonable and availability had improved, I picked up a Savage .22 rifle.

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