Saturday, December 31, 2016

Glock Gadget - First Impressions

The Glock Gadget Striker Control Device
 I finally received my Glock "Gadget" striker control device. There were times that I wondered if it was going to turn out to be vapor-ware, but it appears to have been worth the wait. I won't go over the details of the device since it has been covered in greater detail elsewhere (see Gun Nuts Media's review and Growing Up Gun's review). The device was invented by Tom Jones and Todd Green to provide an additional level of safety when re-holstering a Glock pistol. They explain how it works in the video embedded below, but basically the device is two-pieces: a replacement for the slide cover place (striker plate) on the back of the Glock slide, and an attached hinged flap that is pushed out as trigger pressure is applied. Conversely, and this is where the safety portion comes in, pressure on the flap can also acts to retard the trigger from being pulled--much like pushing on the back of the hammer of a double-action revolver while trying to pull the trigger.

Here are some more photographs:

Close up of the documentation provided with the Gadget.
View of the exposed portion of the Gadget

The view of the internal side of the Gadget
The Gadget installed.
There isn't much to say about it: finish and craftsmanship was very good, installation was the same as installing a new striker plate, and it works. When pulling the trigger, the flap starts to swing up, but thumb pressure on the back of the Gadget provides pressure that acts against the trigger pull. I only installed it this evening, so I haven't fired the weapon with it installed, but some dry firing showed that the Gadget didn't impede the normal operation of the firearm.

Below is a video review posted a few days ago by Gun Nuts Media:

See also Tau Development's Facebook page.

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