Thursday, December 8, 2016

December 8, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

"The Cultural Enrichment of Germany"--Paul Joseph Watson. A brief look at the explosion in violent crime in Germany due to immigration/refugees.


Other Stuff:
  • "11 Reasons Why Progressive Christianity Will Soon Die Out"--Church Pop (h/t Vox Popoli). The author argues that the major divide in Christianity today is not Catholic versus Protestant, but "historic Christians" (who "believe their religion is revealed by God in the person of his Son Jesus Christ, and that the Scriptures are the primary witness of that revelation") and "progressive Christians" (who "believe their religion is a historical accident of circumstances and people, that Jesus Christ is, at best, a divinely inspired teacher, that the Scriptures are flawed human documents influenced by paganism and that the church is a body of spiritually minded people who wish to bring peace and justice to all and make the world a better place"). Read the whole thing, and then decide on which side of the divide you want to be.
  • "Nevada student, 14, who swung a knife at his classmates before being shot by police 'was bullied for days before he snapped and attacked his friends'"--Daily Mail. I believe this--the kid looks like the type of person that would be mercilessly bullied and teased, and the schools will do nothing because they don't care--at least, not about the good kids. (However, they expend a great deal of resources to "reform" the "troubled" kids). This kid screwed up, however, by reacting emotionally, instead of logically. In my high school physical education class, there was a kid that liked to bully me and a couple of my friends. I bided my time until one day, in the middle of a crowded game in the gym, I had my opportunity, and slammed him hard with my shoulder. I only expected to knock him down, but, by a bit of fortuity, the force of the fall was enough to break his arm. As I had intended, being in a crowd, no one really saw what happened, and he couldn't prove I had been the person to hit him or that it had been intentional. Nevertheless, while he still acted the jerk, he stopped his bullying.
  • The wages of sin socialism: "Desperate Venezuelan fishermen slaughter one another and turn to piracy - while starving villagers are forced to eat soup made from seawater as country's economic collapse worsens"--Daily Mail. The article reports:
         Gangs of out-of-work fishermen have turned to a life of piracy and have killed dozens who still venture into the sea in Venezuela, as the country's economic crisis worsens.

           Once home to the world's fourth-largest tuna fleet, now the fishing trade has collapsed and those who continue to fish are falling prey to the vicious bandits.

             Many have been tied up and thrown overboard by pirates, as those with boats opt for illegal ways of making money, such as smuggling and piracy.
               Four days after ISIS fighters attacked an Israeli patrol in the Golan Heights, a plateau in Syria which the Jewish state has occupied since 1967, the bizarre meteorological phenomenon suddenly appeared. 
                 Eyewitnesses said the storm seemed to stop at the boundary and be unable to enter the Golan Heights, which tower above the rest of Syria.
            (Update (12/9/2016)--corrected typo)

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