Thursday, December 29, 2016

December 29, 2016 -- A Quick Run Around the Web

  • Interesting: "So the Ford Police Package INCLUDES ballistic protection?"--SNAFU. A video from Ford describing the armor on its police vehicles, consisting of a ceramic plate backed with a ballistic fabric to catch fragments. According to the video, it is equivalent to a III+ rating, meaning it can stop most small and medium caliber rifle rounds. 
Solomon writes that "I always thought the idea of hiding behind the doors of police cars by LEO's to be one of the most batshit crazy things I've seen." It wasn't necessarily crazy at one time, even before the addition of armor. I have a video tape of some ballistic tests against vehicles that was made in the early 1980s, but the two vehicles primarily used were from the mid- to late-1970s. The thick steel used for the body panels coupled with the steel framework and window mechanism on those older cars was enough to stop most handgun rounds as tested in the video (including .357 Magnum), and certainly would have stopped the soft lead bullets from revolvers as would have been common for the time. However, rifle rounds and shotgun slugs just went through it (and generally through the opposite door as well).
  • "Meet SEAL Team 6's Bladesmith"--Maxim. Don't worry--I don't read Maxim. I came across this 2015 article while doing some research on knives. Anyway, it is an interview of Daniel Winkler.
  • "So you wanna be a Guerrilla RTO" (Part 1 and Part 2)--Brushbeater. Sending covert, one-way transmissions.
  • "Chronicles of the Urban Farm"--Le Survivaliste. The author lists and discusses various elements or factors that must be present for a successful urban farm, and the objectives that must be met: economic, water, food, and energy.
  • "Understanding the Gun Control Debate" (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3)--Massad Ayoob at Backwoods Home Magazine.
  • "Guerrilla Gardening: Our Successes and Failures"--Security and Self-Reliance. I like articles where someone tries out something that seems a great idea in theory to see if the theory works. In this case, the theory is about concealing your location by growing gardens hidden in various locations and intended to blend in with surrounding vegetation. The author tried it out and, as they report, it was mostly a failure: seeds wouldn't sprout, plants were lost to insects and animals, and so on. Read the whole thing.

Other Stuff:
         Right now, food is everywhere and the savages do this for fun.
           Imagine if there was no food. Imagine if welfare disappeared. Imagine if the economic system collapsed and currency became essentially worthless, so you could not exchange value easily.
             Everybody is starving, when word goes out to these savages on social media that the Kwikimart on Main Street just got a shipment of food. Imagine if these savages weren’t doing this on a lark, but were doing this as a mission. Imagine if instead of showing up to fight with their fists, they were showing up with guns to kill. Imagine if that fate awaited every store that got a shipment of food. How many would stay in business?
               Imagine being a white person, in that store, shopping with some form of value in your pockets, when the mobs came swarming in like locusts, and saw you with what you were going to use to purchase food. Imagine enemy gangs, like the Bloods and the Crips showing up at the same time, and deciding to fight it out right there. Most such stores prevent exfiltration through back exits, for fear shoplifters would escape with stolen merchandise. If the gangs swarm in, the only way out passes directly through the mob.
                 You can see how racial in-grouping will start quickly, and communities will segregate. When confronted with such a threat, people will do anything that holds even the slightest promise of alleviating the threat. As each race in-groups against the other, resentments will build, and that will produce even greater in-grouping.
                   We have never seen real K-selection. In truth, we have never seen an economic collapse combined with violent organized street gangs and copious weapons availability, all in close proximity to peaceful communities of responsible people.
                     That will be an Apocalypse.
                The Crusades were ... an official, divinely argued attempt to eradicate a religion and a civilisation due to religious bigotry - and also for economic reasons that were disguised behind religious rhetoric.
                • Speaking of which....: "Inside the minds of jihadis"--The Week. The primary point of this article (and the book on which it draws) is that ISIS' beliefs are a valid interpretation (albeit, not the only one) of Islam. The author writes:
                ... the Islamic State might be picking the wrong options in the Islamic menu, but they're still picking from the Islamic menu. This is not a semantic point. It has real-world consequences. People who are drawn to the Islamic State are devout Muslims, and it is self-defeating to try to keep them out of radicalization by pompously lecturing them about how the Islamic State's ideology has no basis in Islam, when it is obvious that it does.
                • Related: 
                       Ex-NATO soldier Lavdrim Muhaxheri and his men are among thousands who have fled after ISIS suffered devastating losses in war-torn Syria, according to sources in the Italian intelligence services.  
                         Many of the fighters are feared to have disguised themselves as refugees in order to cross borders to get into Europe without being identified, according to information leaked from the spying agency.
                           I mentioned the comparison between “paranoia” in the Great War and modern Islamophobia. Actually, that Islamic parallel is closer than we might think. Then as now, some people spread worthless slanders about foreigners and aliens, but also, then as now, some of the nightmare stories were actually true. Among the mass of harmless ordinary migrants devoted to working to improve themselves and their families, there really were, and are, people out to destroy America and Americans. Despite all the horror stories we hear about idiots in 1917 striking at the Kaiser by kicking a dachshund in the street, German spies and terrorists really existed, and they posed a lethal threat.

                             I mention this context now because you are not going to hear much about it in the coming year, when we will once again be lamenting the American Paranoid Style.
                               In sentencing nine young Somali-Minnesotans on terror conspiracy charges this week, U.S. District Judge Michael Davis closed a chapter in the federal government’s long, extraordinary investigation of ISIL recruitment in Minnesota.
                                 But the full story is far from over.
                                   In nine hearings over three days before a courtroom packed with the families of the young men who sought to give their lives to ISIL, Davis repeatedly underlined a clear message: There is a terrorist cell in Minneapolis and it is still alive today.

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