Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Quick Run Around the Web -- February 23, 2016

The video is called: "Introduction to Muscle - 3D anatomy tutorial." The author has a You Tube Channel with many more anatomy tutorials. (H/t Western Rifle Shooters).

Mr. Lewis [a local coffee shop owner] said he paid the 21 percent corporate tax rate on his profits last year, equivalent to 31,000 pounds, or $45,200. By contrast, Facebook — which is based in the United States but does business in Britain and is therefore subject to British taxes — paid just £4,327, or $6,274, in corporate tax in 2014, or about one-seventh of what Mr. Lewis paid.
    Facebook’s bill was also less than the average personal income tax payment and the national insurance contributions that individual British employees pay, which amount to about $7,800 a year for someone making the median income of $40,000.
      That is just one glaring example, Mr. Lewis and his fellow shopkeepers in Crickhowell said, of what amounts to multinational tax dodging on a gargantuan scale, leaving the little guy to pick up the tab. And their protest is one small case study of how economic populism is playing out around the world, rallying grass-roots support to challenge governments and corporate interests alike.
        Two things.  First the Saudi's have taken notes and are doing their own form of coalition warfare.  Second they're attempting to reduce dependence on US military leadership/power and become the de facto leaders of the region.
          Considering everything that we've seen in the Middle East, I think the alternate media has it right and wrong.  I don't think this is going to lead to WW3.  I do think its only a matter of months or at most a couple of years till we see a major regional war.
          There is a lot of popular support for Islamic terrorism among Sunni and Shia as it is common to believe that the non-Moslem world is always actively at war with the Islam and Islamic terrorists are the only effective weapon to strike back with. This sounds absurd to non-Moslems, especially Westerners. Arab diplomats insist that there is no such terrorist support in Moslem nations. But anyone perusing Arab language media immediately sees this support and some of it even shows up in English language versions of Arab media. ...
          "It’s as much a class war as it is a gender war” stated Yiannopoulos. “Much of it is perpetrated by white middle-class women who are the most privileged group in the history of our civilisation, of our species. They are the most privileged people ever to have lived[…] sort of waging war on working-class men. Now most of my readers fall into that second category, and I see the sort of injustice perpetrated on them and the sort of language used about them.”
            More and more, I think living within a liberal brain is one of the worst curses life could inflict upon you. From the lack of richness in one’s emotional life, to needing therapy after hearing Milo speak for a few minutes, it just seems as if liberalism is a living nightmare which liberals would really want to wake up from, if only they knew how nice it is to not be afflicted with the amygdala-deficiency underlying their malady.
              Unfortunately for them, conservative thought processes are a cognitive color they have never seen.

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