Monday, February 15, 2016

A Quick Run Around the Web -- February 15, 2016

"Secret forest door opened ... and underground bunker." The "door" was an access hatch to various water lines. However, about 8:30, the author takes us into a small German bunker that was part of the Atlantic wall. Of interest, from a survival/prepper/scavanging perspective, is that the author had taken a hammer and chisel, crowbar, and a pulley/ratchet apparatus to help with opening the door. He was quite tired carrying what he estimated to be 15 kg of equipment simply to open a sealed steel hatch.

  • Will the GOP establishment sacrifice legitimacy in favor of retaining power? This is an important issue because the lack of legitimacy breeds rebellion. "Will the GOP Allow a Convention Fight?"--The American Conservative. From the article:
... The more ominous scenario would be for the establishment to manipulate the Republican Party mechanics that run the convention to have the secretary simply declare either Trump or the establishment candidate the winner by only counting those votes they deemed legitimate. Of course, the conservative base would be infuriated and the GOP would lose the general election, but the party would again be back in the hands of the establishment.
  • Related: "Roger Stone: GOPe Will Steal The Election At The Convention"--Anonymous Conservative. "To make it worse, Convention Rule 40 B says the Candidate must have a majority of delegates in at least eight states. The Romney people passed this rule in 2012 when they had control of the party. It hurts Donald Trump." The gist is that it is possible for a candidate to win the majority of primaries, but still not win the nomination. 

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