Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Using a Firearm is Not Rocket Science

Now This Is Rocket Science (Source)

I've long objected to those who would require people to take classes before purchasing and using a firearm, or those who insist that you need the equivalent of basic or advanced combat training to properly use a weapon. It's not rocket science and, as our police forces too often demonstrate, advanced training does not equate to skill or even common sense. However, sometimes I feel that I'm in the minority on this issue. Thus, it was nice to see this link to a video by Yankee Marshal expressing similar thoughts.

Now, before I get raked over the coals, I'm not saying training is bad. Like any other sport or activity, you get out of shooting what you put into it. Learning from other people, having someone observe what you did wrong and coach you on it, is valuable. Actual range time and realistic shooting practice is valuable. Training in related areas--such as small unit tactics--is valuable. What I object to is the mantra that you shouldn't be carrying a firearm unless you have been professionally trained.

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