Friday, April 18, 2014

Richard Grave's Bushcraft Books

Richard Graves wrote one of the best books on bushcraft and survival skills. It was originally 10 pamphlets which were later collected and published in one volume. Because of that, they are sometimes referred to as the the 10 Bushcraft books.Chris Malloy has an HTML version, and someone has turned it into a PDF.

Graves later re-wrote the material into a different book called Australian Bushcraft. (Here is a PDF). It seems to contain most of the same information, but it omits the section on traps and adds significantly more information on Australian animals (including sea life) and their habits.

What always impressed me about Graves' book is that rather than merely teaching you how to live in a rough lean-to and starting a fire, he discusses making ropes, solid shelters, furniture, and other items so that you could live--rather than merely survive--in the bush.

Update: Link to Australian Bushcraft fixed.


  1. The URL for the Australian Bushcraft book omits a space.


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